A 2007 Songwriting Session Led To Love for John Osborne and Lucie Silvas

John Osborne, Lucie Silvas
John Osborne, Lucie Silvas; Photo via Instagram
John Osborne, Lucie Silvas

It’s only fitting that a songwriting session is what brought Brothers Osborne’s John Osborne and singer/songwriter Lucie Silvas together.

In an interview with The Bluegrass Situation, the pair admitted to caring more about impressing each other than the song they were writing that day in 2007.

“I wasn’t there to write a song as much as I was there to meet Lucie and somehow not make a complete ass out of myself,” Osborne explained. “I kind of can’t even remember what the song was about …”

Silvas, who admitted she couldn’t remember the song either, was also on edge during the session.

“The first time we wrote together I think we were both — well, I’ll speak for myself — I was nervous,” she said. “I was in a new place, and I was excited. I was trying to impress in lots of ways and just keep my cool.”


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In the years that followed, Osborne and Silvas stuck up a working relationship, which later developed into a romantic one.

In June 2015, they decided to get married on a whim. With John’s siblings, TJ and Natalie, out of town, they called up a friend who was ordained. She arrived at their home with Maren Morris, who stood in as Osborne’s best man, and just like that, they were married.

Their low-key wedding was one-of-a-kind, complete with Ring Pops and their beloved dog.


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“A week and a half ago I married my best friend and greatest inspiration on Earth,” Osborne shared on Instagram following the wedding. “We exchanged (and ate!) lollipop rings in our living room with a couple of friends and Barley. I’m the luckiest redneck guitar player in the world.”

The newlyweds invited friends and family to celebrate their nuptials at a reception in East Nashville a few months later.

The talented musicians seem to be more in love than ever. They continue to be each other’s biggest champions and often collaborate on stage and in the studio.