A Deep Dive Into Morgan Wallen’s Official Music Videos

Despite Wallen’s numerous No. 1 hits, it might surprise many that he has only a handful of official music videos.


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January 14, 2024


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Morgan Wallen – Music Videos; Photos Courtesy YouTube

Morgan Wallen has celebrated countless No. 1 career hits in just a short amount of time. But, it may come as a surprise to folks that despite the number of smash releases that Wallen has had, he only has a few official music videos to his name.

Wallen’s first album, 2018’s If I Know Me, spawned four singles, all of which included an accompanying music video. But his second collection, Dangerous: The Double Album, which produced even more singles, only included two songs with featured official music videos. The East Tennessee native’s third and latest album, One Thing at a Time, has been his most ambitious offering so far, featuring 36 cuts. But, out of that many tracks, Wallen has only released two official music videos.  

Morgan Wallen; Photo by John Shearer
Morgan Wallen; Photo by John Shearer

From his debut single, “The Way I Talk,” to his heart-tugging country smash, “Thought You Should Know,” here are all of Morgan Wallen’s official music videos below. 

“Thought You Should Know” (2022) 

Perhaps the most touching video of Morgan Wallen’s astonishing music career so far is the music video for “Thought You Should Know,” directed by Justin Clough. The clip gives fans a look into Wallen’s personal life and childhood with home footage that captures some of his most precious memories, including his toddler birthday, an Easter egg hunt, and a memorable ride in the back of a wagon. 

Most importantly, Wallen shares those special moments with his mother, Lesli, who inspired the song and music video. In separate parts of the clip, Wallen is performing the sentimental and apologetic ode to his mother on an acoustic guitar in a sound studio as his real-life mom watches on and sings along to the bittersweet lyrics. At the end of the clip, Wallen’s mother walks onto the set to share a heartwarming hug with her superstar son. 

Fittingly, “Thought You Should Know,” which Wallen co-wrote alongside Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon, was released on Mother’s Day of 2022. As for the video, fans got to view it for the first time on Thanksgiving Day of the same year. 

YouTube video

“You Proof” (2022) 

Wallen proves that alcohol doesn’t speed up the healing process in his Justin Clough-directed music video for “You Proof.” The opening sequence features Wallen in the passenger seat of a car in the parking lot of a liquor store. As his buddy makes the beer run, Wallen’s imagination runs wild with thoughts about a presumed ex. 

Wallen envisions his ex jumping into the driver’s seat of the running vehicle while he takes the backseat and holds on for dear life. Midway through the clip, Wallen jumps out of the moving car, rolling into a ditch, only to find that he has been escaping his buddies the entire time. “You Proof” made a historic run one year ago, marking 10 consecutive weeks atop the Billboard Country Airplay chart. While the song’s message relays a loss at the attempt to fade the memory of a woman, it’s a good thing Wallen has his friends to get him through the hard times. 

YouTube video

“7 Summers” (2020) 

Anyone familiar with Morgan Wallen’s backstory will know that the East Tennessee native grew up playing baseball…So much so that he played the sport for Gibbs High School in Knoxville, Tenn., where he was the starting shortstop for the Eagles before suffering an injury and launching his successful career as a chart-topping artist.

In the music video for “7 Summers,” fans get to see Wallen relive his baseball glory days as he plays on the field as part of a storyline that brings the song’s introspective breakup lyrics to life. The video also cuts to scenes of Wallen reminiscing over a past relationship while overlooking a body of water.  

YouTube video

The “7 Summers” music video’s intense storyline is further explained in a nearly nine-minute cinematic short film, as seen below. Directed by Justin Clough, the mini-film explores Wallen at a crossroads where he has to choose between pursuing love with the girl next door or embarking on a sports career driven by his father. Ultimately, Wallen’s character grants his father’s wishes after his girlfriend promises to come back to him when he’s done chasing his dream. Unfortunately, by the time he completes his dream, the girl winds up moving away from their romance to build a life on her own. 

YouTube video

“More Than My Hometown” (2020) 

Like the previous music video, this clip, directed by Justin Clough, captures a similar storyline in which one person rolls the dice on love to chase down their dreams. But in “More Than My Hometown,” viewers are left on a cliffhanger as the ending suggests the couple may have just made it through their difficult time apart.   

The companion clip to the song, penned by Wallen with HARDY, ERNEST, and Ryan Vojtesak, begins with the female lead character celebrating at her own party before she ventures off to a life in the city, sidelining her romance with a fictional love interest. Wallen doesn’t play the lover in the clip, but he does offer a bit of acting, playing the role of the girl’s older brother and a friend to her romantic partner. Wallen also plays the narrator of the bittersweet story, which was shot in Ashland City, Tenn.

YouTube video

“Chasin’ You” (2019) 

Driving along endless winding roads seems to be a theme in a number of Wallen’s music videos. And such is the case in his dream-themed video for “Chasin’ You,” directed by Jason Clough. Shot in black and white, the captivating display depicts Wallen riding around Nashville in a convertible while being haunted by the memory of an old flame. 

It turns out that Wallen handpicked the actress Rachyl Degman, who played the fictional love interest he is seen chasing in the clip. 

“Obviously, there are lists and agencies of actresses that they give me to pick from, and I actually think they may have picked someone else, but I was like, ‘Naw, I like her,” Wallen told Taste of Country

YouTube video

“Whiskey Glasses” (2018) 

Morgan Wallen leans onto his buddies and a bit of liquid courage in the music video for his breakout hit, “Whiskey Glasses.” The concept for the video is not new, as many country songs delve into the subject of turning to alcohol to tend to a broken heart. However, portions of this clip offer a unique spin for folks, giving them the point of view of someone who has had a little bit too much to drink with the shake of a camera lens.

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice another country star featured in the “Whiskey Glasses” clip, with labelmate and tour buddy HARDY showing up to be Wallen’s close confidant. HARDY offers Wallen shots of alcohol, gives him a haircut, and plays endless rounds of pool with him in hopes of helping ease the pain of his pal’s recent breakup. 

“Whiskey Glasses,” written by Kevin Kadish and Ben Burgess, serves as the second single from the Knoxville native’s debut album, If I Know Me. The music video, directed by Justin Clough, was nominated for CMT Breakthrough Video of the Year. 

YouTube video

“Up Down feat. Florida Georgia Line” (2017) 

HARDY makes another cameo in the spirited video for “Up Down,” which also stars former Florida Georgia Line duo, comprised of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard. For the clip, the group threw quite a party on BK’s speed boat, overlooking the beach in Orange Beach, Alabama, providing the perfect setting for a summertime hit. 

The collaborative video arrived at a time when Wallen was just getting started. Nonetheless, the video sets the tone for a big career, providing plenty of onstage moments of Wallen performing at the Wharf Amphitheater in front of large crowds as an opener for FGL’s Smooth Tour. 

YouTube video

“The Way I Talk” (2017) 

In 2017, Wallen set out to make his first-ever music video for his debut single, “The Way I Talk.” The visual, directed by T.K. McCamy, features footage from Wallen’s hometown of Knoxville as he spends quality time with a few good friends, including fellow country artist and collaborator ERNEST

The group takes on various small-town activities ranging from playing basketball and baseball from inside an empty swimming pool to getting into a boxing match, with ERNEST taking the lead in the ring. Fun fact: ERNEST and Wallen used to compete against each other on opposing high school baseball teams. In other scenes, Wallen is found showing off his Southern pride while playing on his guitar on the roof of a house and mouthing out the lyrics of the song penned by Ben Hayslip, Chase McGill, and Jessi Alexander. 

YouTube video

It’s important to note that Wallen released a short film for “Cover Me Up,” his rendition of the Jason Isbell song. However, Wallen is not featured in the short film.

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