Alana Springsteen Shares Live Acoustic Video of ‘Trying Not To’ Featuring Roman Alexander

Alana Springsteen, Roman Alexander
Alana Springsteen, Roman Alexander; Photo via Instagram
Alana Springsteen, Roman Alexander

Country newcomer Alana Springsteen is giving new life to “Trying Not To,” her collaboration with Roman Alexander, with the release of a live acoustic music video. 

The clip features the rising stars singing the intoxicating duet in the studio together. The acoustic version allows their powerful vocals to shine and puts the song’s emotional lyrics at the forefront. 

Trying Not To” tells the relatable story of a couple trying to move on following a breakup and admitting that moving on is tougher than they imagined it would be. As they try to navigate life apart, they find themselves constantly drawn back to one another. 

“But I, I still think about you, baby/ I wish it didn’t feel so right I really wanna’/ Tell you I don’t miss you and really mean it/ I just can’t though I want to but I’m tryin’ not to,” they sing on the chorus, “Take back goodbye, said I changed my mind/ Been there before but I’m tryin’ not to/ Call you tonight/ But it’s almost like I miss you more when/ I’m tryin’ not to…”

“Trying Not To” was co-written by Springsteen and Alexander alongside the track’s producers Jerry Flowers (Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood) and Jared Keim (Rascal Flatts, Restless Road).

“‘Trying Not To’ is a song that came to life in the writing room. It was my first time writing with Jerry, Jared and Roman, and I’m not sure if it had to do with the four of us being such a great fit as collaborators or if we just had a really great day (maybe both?), but it felt like it almost wrote itself,” Springsteen previously explained. 

“We all knew right away that it needed to be out in the world. At its core, it’s about the push and pull of two people who know they’re not good for one another but just can’t seem to stay away,” she continued. “We wanted to describe that tension and how things that are wrong for you can also be what you want the most. It made so much sense for this to be a duet – the back and forth of the relationship is mirrored in the structure of the verses and Roman’s vocal brought so much energy to the track overall.”

The official music video for “Trying Not To” made its debut in March. 

Click above to watch the just-released acoustic clip.