Alex Hall’s ‘Whiskey On The Table’ Is The Ultimate Breakup Song

Alex Hall; Photo by Robert Chavers
Alex Hall; Photo by Robert Chavers
Alex Hall; Photo by Robert Chavers

After turning heads with his debut release, “Half Past You,” last fall, Alex Hall is back with a new song called “Whiskey On The Table.”

A quintessential heartbreak song, “Whiskey On The Table” has Hall crooning over a breakup. When all is said he done and he comes to terms that there’s nothing he can do to save the relationship, Hall begs his ex to take her things and let him drown his sorrows in a bottle of 100-proof.

“Leave the whiskey on the table / Don’t need the glass don’t need no ice / Just the burn from that black label / To chase the bitter taste of your goodbye,” the Georgia native sings on the chorus, backed by an electric guitar.

“I wrote ‘Whiskey On The Table’ with Pete Good and AJ Babcock at the end of 2018,” Hall explained to Country Now. “I was playing a show in Nashville and AJ got the idea for the title at the show and told us about it afterwards. Then, that night Pete had a dream with the main riff melody, woke up and recorded it in his voice memo. The next day we wrote the song! Pretty crazy, but a fun, true story!”

The release of “Whiskey On The Table” comes after Hall spent much of the fall opening for Tanya Tucker on her While I’m Livin’ Tour.

Click above to listen.

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