Blake Shelton Hilariously Reacts To Luke Bryan’s Underwear Commercial

Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan
Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan
Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan

Blake Shelton, who famously starred in underwear commercials for Gildan in 2015, recently shared his thoughts on Luke Bryan’s new Jockey ads. 

During an interview with CMT’s Cody Alan, Shelton held nothing back when the radio host asked, “Does the thought of Luke Bryan in underwear disgust you?”

“Well, it is disgusting, but it’s not surprising,” the “Minimum Wage” singer quipped. “Luke just seems like one of those guys that walks around his house in his underwear all day with pee stains on them. He just seems like that kind of guy, doesn’t he? If he doesn’t have to put clothes on, he probably doesn’t.”

Alan reminded him that Bryan’s wife, Caroline, also stars in the TV spots, and Shelton quickly changed his tune. 

“Caroline in her underwear doesn’t sound as disgusting to me,” he joked. “That’s just me, though.”

“I’m gay, and it sounds better to me!” Alan added with a laugh. 

Luke and Caroline made their debut in a comical Jockey television spot in August of 2020. The clip features the couple at home checking out Luke’s new underwear delivery. As Caroline unboxes the items and shows them off, Luke tells her, “I know you like me in them.”

Caroline then pulls out a thong and Luke is not having it.

“Oh yes…Here’s your new go-to,” she jokes.

“This is a prank is what that is,” he says as he attempts to find something to watch on TV.

Caroline then takes the thong and flings it at his face.

“‘Bout took my eye out with that dental floss,” Luke laughs.

Click below to re-live one of Shelton Gildan ads.

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