Blake Shelton Super Fan Auditions For ‘The Voice,’ Shelton Regrets Not Turning Chair

“If she did her research about me, she knows I screw up a lot,” Shelton joked.


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March 15, 2021

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15-year-old Rachel Mac turned heads with a Patty Griffin cover during the latest rounds of blind auditions on Monday (March 15).

The Michigan native shared a soaring rendition of Griffin’s “Let Him Fly” and earned a chair turn from Nick Jonas almost immediately. Jonas was the only coach to turn his chair, so she defaulted to his team, however, Blake Shelton shared that he had other plans for Mac in the future, especially after he saw her reaction when she saw him from across the stage.

Clearly about to lose her cool over the sight of Shelton, Mac gushed, “Oh my gosh, I love Blake Shelton so much! I am sorry Nick.” 

She went on to reveal that her 5th-grade project was centered around Shelton.

“What’s not to love about Blake Shelton,” Mac excitedly shared when John Legend asked what she loves about Blake. 

Mac’s 5th-grade presentation then appeared on the screen as Shelton grinned from ear-to-ear pointing at the photos above. 

“Rachel, you have literally made my week, thank you so much,” the Oklahoma native told her. “And I’m going to be keeping my eye on you, cause I know Nick is going to screw up here and I’m gonna get a chance to get you on the team that you belong on.”

“You are ahead of the game at 15, you have an amazing tone, you’re such a light, your spirit is just so beautiful,” Kelly Clarkson praised. 

“Rachel is an exciting vocalist because she can kind of do anything,” Jonas added.

Shelton realized he made have made a huge mistake, but promised to try to get her back later in the season. 

“I will probably never get over the fact that I didn’t turn for Rachel, but I will probably get her back later in the show,” Shelton said.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.  

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