Brantley Gilbert Offers Glimpse Into His Family Life In ‘Man That Hung The Moon’ Video

Brantley Gilbert may appear to be rough around the edges, but it’s clear that he has a soft side after seeing the music video for his latest release, “Man That Hung The Moon.”

In the just-released clip, live performance shots of Gilbert are mixed in with clips of the Georgia native, his wife, Amber, and their son, Barrett Hardy-Clay spending quality time together backstage and in the recording studio. The music video perfectly brings the very personal song to life.

Written solely by Gilbert, “Man That Hung The Moon” was written for his son, Barrett, and his daughter on the way.

“There was a time in my life where I’m not necessarily proud of the man I was,” Gilbert previously shared. “I want our children to have a song where they can hear my voice say ‘I love you’ and acknowledges that there’s going to come a time when they figure out I’m not a ‘super hero.’ I’m human; I’ve made mistakes. And I’ll make a lot more, but there’s a man who really did hang the moon, who’s got your back and always will, and if I’ve done my job as a father, they’ll know that truth.”

Gilbert wrote the song in one sitting while at their family home in Maysville, Georgia.

“We had actually just found out that we were pregnant with our second, a baby girl due this September, the day I wrote this song,” Gilbert explains. “I sat down to write them a letter, but I’m a songwriter first so I ended up with this song.”

“Man That Hung The Moon” is from Gilbert’s forthcoming fifth studio album, which is expected to be released later this year.

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