Brett Eldredge Debuts New Single ‘Gabrielle’ On ‘The Late Show’

Brett Eldredge made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday for the television debut of his long-awaited new single, “Gabrielle.”

The superstar performed an acoustic version the song from what appeared to be the outside porch of his home.

“’Gabrielle’ is about a love that didn’t quite work out and you always wonder what it could have been,” Eldredge previously shared of the piano-driven track, which he co-wrote with award-winning producers Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk. “It could’ve ended up being something amazing and you wonder what they’re doing in their life right now and go back to those feelings when you hear the song.”

“Gabrielle” is the lead single from Eldredge’s forthcoming album, Sunday Drive. The single, along with two instant grat tracks, “Crowd My Mind” and “Where the Heart Is,” dropped on Friday (April 17).

“The album is just very much a full body of work,” the Illinois native recently shared with Country Now and other reporters. “I wanted to get out as much as I could at the very top, because if you get just one song, you’re not gonna get a feel of the whole record.”

Sunday Drive will be available everywhere on July 10.

Click above to watch Brett Eldredge perform “Gabrielle” on The Late Show.

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