Brett Eldredge Reveals Why His Dog Edgar Is No Longer In The Spotlight

“I don’t want to have an influencer dog anymore,” Eldredge explains.


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January 5, 2021

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Brett Eldredge, Edgar; Photos via Instagram

Brett Eldredge’s Instagram feed used to be loaded with photos of his adorable dog, Edgar, however, in recent months, the Weimaraner/Vizsla mix has remained out of the spotlight, leaving fans wondering what became of the adorable pup. 

During a recent appearance on The Bobby Bones Show, Eldredge revealed that Edgar is alive and well but that he has “retired from the spotlight.” 

The “Gabrielle” singer answered the “most Googled questions” about himself and explained what Edgar has been up to with chatting with host Bobby Bones. 

“He’s at home. He retired from the spotlight,” Eldredge said. “People think he’s not alive anymore but no, I’m with him all the time.”

Eldredge went on to explain his decision to keep Edgar’s life behind the scenes.

“I don’t want to have an influencer dog anymore, I just want to spend time with him all the time,” he shared. “That’s why we ended up doing it.”

Eldredge adopted Edgar in 2016. The beloved pooch became an overnight Instagram star.


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Edgar even appeared in Eldredge’s 2018 music video for “Love Someone.” The adorable clip showcased the pair’s unique bond and found them doing everything together, including sharing a candlelit dinner and riding on a motorcycle together. 

Eldredge also opened up about Edgar during a 2020 interview with Cody Alan, saying, “I don’t have anybody else with me, so it’s good to have Ed. Ya know? Edgar recently retired from the spotlight, so he is just my pup now. I get more time with him now that he isn’t trying to post pictures and stuff. It’s been really nice.”

Brett Eldredge’s latest album, Sunday Drive, is available everywhere now. 

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