Brian Kelley Prepares To Share His ‘Tennessee Truth,’ Releases ‘Kiss My Boots’

Kelley said this song came to life after “extremely difficult, hurtful, and confusing time” in his life.


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March 7, 2024


3:40 pm

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Brian Kelley; Photo by Ben Christensen

Brian Kelley is preparing to add some Tennessee Truth to his catalog of music with his just-announced debut solo album coming May 10 via Big Machine RecordsTo celebrate the news, the country singer has also dropped a brand-new song titled “Kiss My Boots,” which offers a look into some of his most personal songwriting to date.

In the days leading up to the official release, the Florida native took to social media to explain that this song stems from an “extremely difficult, hurtful, and confusing time.” Instead of “airin’ out the past” in a distasteful manner, he says he decided to take the high road and wait for the right moment to speak his mind. That time has finally come in the form of a song that helped him find healing and has allowed him to reclaim his power. Now, he’s hoping “Kiss My Boots” will do the same for his listeners. 

Who Wrote “Kiss My Boots?”

“It was healing to write. I feel released now,” Kelley says of the track he co-wrote with Dylan Guthro and Blake Redferrin. “Everyone processes things differently. I went inward. I went to work and stayed busy. I’m proud of myself for doing it that way. It was worth it. Now, I have a song that helped me through a tough time. Hopefully, ‘Kiss My Boots’ can help a lot of people. Give them some confidence and help them get their power back.”

In a four-minute video posted to Kelley’s YouTube channel, the singer/songwriter opens up further about the story behind his next single, which he says “showed up a little bit as a surprise.”

What Is “Kiss My Boots” About?

“’Kiss My Boots’ is a song about a relationship,” he admitted. “It’s a song about betrayal, and it’s a song about, for me, getting my power back and saying how I feel, saying what I think, and owning that in a song. I’ve learned so much about songwriting over this record cycle. ‘Kiss My Boots’ is another example of just continuing to show up. You never know what you’re going to get. You never know what idea you’re going to land on. And as a songwriter, as an artist, you always want to put your truth into songs. You always want to leave a little bit of yourself and as much as yourself in these songs. And that’s what I did. I poured my whole heart out and left it right there on the table.”

Finding Inspiration In Taylor Swift

He went on to say that his former labelmate and tourmate, Taylor Swift, is someone who indirectly encouraged him to share his truth, much like she has done throughout her entire career with confidence. 

“I was lucky enough to tour with Taylor Swift back in 2013 for five shows and really learned a lot, tried to soak up as much as I could, and I loved it. She just puts everything in her songs, what she’s going through, what she’s been through, who she is, and I’ve always done that as a songwriter, as an artist, as a musician, and through the highs and lows of life, and through going through a really tough situation over the past couple years, this was no different.”

Heading To Country Radio

Brian Kelley admits that when he had no intentions of sending the song to country radio, so when he heard it was going to be his next single he said he was “blown away.”

“’Kiss My Boots’ is going to radio’… when I heard those words I was a little blown away because when I wrote this song just about a year ago it was purely to heal. When I recorded it and turned it in, the whole team and the label were all in on it. Country music is real, this song is real, and I’m real.”

Brian Kelley; Photo by Ben Christensen
Brian Kelley; Photo by Ben Christensen

Revengeful New Music Video

Alongside the new song release, Kelley also dropped an accompanying music video for “Kiss My Boots.” Directed by Ben Christensen and filmed in Georgia, the clip centers around Kelley hunting out a rattlesnake in the woods that could wreak havoc on his life and those around him. After ridding the area of the dangerous creature, he coincidentally appears in a new set of snakeskin boots and sets forth on another more personal journey to cure his frustration and feelings of betrayal by listening to some Hank Williams, drinking Jack Daniels, and sharing his truth with the world. 

The track opens with Kelley dishing out his pain and speaking his mind with the help of some liquid courage. 

“You’ve been throwin’ dirt on my name ’round this town like it ain’t small/ Like your friends ain’t my friends, and I wouldn’t end up hearin’ it all/ I fell on the sword, but only the good Lord knows the hell that you put me through/ Sober me would never tell, but tonight I’m on the Tenessee Truth.”


YouTube video

The former member of country duo Florida Georgia Line continues onto the chorus, “I’m crankin’ hank, drinkin’ jack, airin’ out the past/ Want the world to know that you did me wrong/ I don’t how you act sweet, after how you did me/ Here’s a middle finger to you through a song/ Comes out in the whiskey, comes out when I’m tipsy/ I can’t help but tell that Tenessee Truth/ I’m crankin’ hank, drinkin’ Jack/ I’m crankin’ hank, drinkin’ jack/ And you can kiss my boots.”

New Album On The Horizon

Following “See You Next Summer,” “Dirt Cheap,” “How We’re Livin’,” and “Trucks, Ducks, Bucks & Beer,” “Kiss My Boots” serves as another early preview of what’s to come on his Tennessee Truth album dropping this spring. 

Produced by Dann Huff, the highly anticipated project will unleash 12 new country anthems, eight of which Kelley had a hand in co-writing. Each track tackles various themes that all represent different aspects of the singer/songwriter’s life, from finding serenity in rural living to falling in love, and getting the chance to let honesty rear its head. Plus, the country singer maintains his self-proclaimed “beach cowboy” image with a nod the ‘90s country era in the song “10 O’Clock On The Dock.”

“It’s a way for me to express myself and my family and our values,” Kelley says of the forthcoming collection. 

Brian Kelley - Tennessee Truth
Brian Kelley – Tennessee Truth

Tennessee Truth Track List:

  1. “Acres”
  2. “How We’re Livin’”  
  3. “King Ranch”  
  4. “Trucks, Ducks, Bucks & Beer”  
  5. “Goin’ Places”  
  6. “Barefeet Or Boots”  
  7. “Dirt Road Date Night”  
  8. “10 O’Clock On The Dock”  
  9. “See You Next Summer”  
  10. “Doin’ Nothin’”  
  11. “Dirt Cheap”  
  12. “Kiss My Boots”  

This weekend, Brian Kelley will bring his rowdy, beach cowboy energy overseas where he will perform for three dates across the UK as part of the annual C2C: Country to Country Festival. 

He will deliver his first show back in the U.S. in Chatanooga, TN on March 18 and then continue with a slew of festival appearances throughout the summer. 

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