Caitlyn Smith To Release Self-Produced Third Album, ‘High & Low’

“Nobody can have the highs without the lows,” Smith acknowledges.


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January 25, 2023


9:50 am

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Caitlyn Smith; Photo by Rob Morgan

In April of 2022, award-winning singer-songwriter Caitlyn Smith released the album High, the first half of her self-produced project via Monument Records. In just a few weeks, Smith will finalize the album with the release of the highly anticipated second half.

The complete record, High & Low, adds six new tracks to the existing album and will be released on Friday, April 14.

Caitlyn Smith - High And Low
Caitlyn Smith – High And Low

The title of this album had some important deeper meanings for Smith. Reflecting back, she came to the realization that she often celebrated the “highs” of life publicly, while navigating her “lows” in private. For many, this is the norm in the age of social media. Most people share the highlight reels of life rather than being vulnerable. Through the process of writing and producing High & Low, Smith chose to be more open to creatively tapping into the more difficult parts of life than she had been in the past. In High & Low Smith includes all seasons of life in her work; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

“Nobody can have the highs without the lows,” she reflects. “When I decided to produce this album, I knew it was going to be a challenge – and musically it was a beautifully stretching & exciting experience. But it brought me into this unexpected season of life where I started facing all these roadblocks that were holding me back. Fear. Doubt. Denial. And I was really forced to finally bring these issues into the light. I went from hiding behind my songs to being able to say it out loud in the room – and that’s something I’m really proud of.”

Listen to “Lately”

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The newest track released from High & Low, “Lately,” written by Smith with Gordie Simpson and Troy Verges is out now. This track gives the listener an idea of what’s to come for the rest of the album. The single is a great example of Smith highlighting her “lows” in her music. This track depicts a time when distractions are needed in order to overcome a personal loss.

“I’d realized that I’d grown into this version of myself that only wanted to show and talk about the highs and became quite dependent on keeping up this façade that I have it all together,” she details. “Real life is gritty, and wild, and never perfect, and it’s given me so much freedom to be able to be more vulnerable not always put on a happy face, and be honest and unafraid of the more difficult feelings.”

The additional new tracks to come in April will balance the others released prior on High, acclaimed by NPR as “her most fully realized project yet”. With the release of the dual album, listeners will be able to get a deeper understanding of who Caitlyn Smith is as a musician and producer.

Track listing (*Denotes new song)
1              High – Intro
2              High
3              Dreamin’s Free
4              Lately*
5              Mississippi*
6              Good As Us
7              Alaska*
8              Maybe In Another Life
9              I Think Of You*
10           Nothing Against You
11           Downtown Baby
12           Writing Songs and Raising Babies*
13           I Don’t Like The World Without You
14           The Great Pretender*

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