Cameron McGhar Covers Little Big Town and Loretta Lynn On ‘American Idol,’ Leaves Judges Divided

Luke Bryan, Cameron McGhar, Katy Perry
Luke Bryan, Cameron McGhar, Katy Perry; Photos Courtesy ABC/ American Idol
Luke Bryan, Cameron McGhar, Katy Perry

Cameron McGhar, a cheerleader from Clanton, Alabama left the American Idol judges mulling over a split decision following her audition on the show. 

First, McGhar appeared in front of Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie to try her hand at a golden ticket to Hollywood with a cover of Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush.” Unfortunately, her audition fell flat, leaving the judges a bit unimpressed. 

“You’ve got a big voice, you’ve got a voice, you’re singing on pitch… It’s just not flowing out and it’s just not natural,” Bryan confessed. 

“I think you were singing and then you were looking at us, then you were having an inner dialogue of like, ‘how is this going?,’ Perry explained. 

Realizing that she needed another shot if she had any chance of going to Hollywood, McGhar, offered to sing another song and went on to perform Loretta Lynn’s “You Ain’t Man Enough.”

Unfortunately for McGhar, her second song had Perry calling her out for being out of tune and sealed the deal for Richie to pass on her. 

“You have a very infectious personality, and if you can tell we’re pulling for you here, right? In my heart of course I don’t think you’re quite ready,” Richie said, adding that he hopes she will return in the future with a better audition. 

Perry was going back and forth over the decision and told her “you weren’t ready” but shared that she was going to “roll the dice” and send her to Hollywood. 

“I am in agreement,” Bryan said. “You’ve got a big, big, big voice,” Bryan added. “You have a sparkle in your eye and all that going on, but I don’t know if it’s all the way there for me.”

Encouraging her to add a little more “sass” to her performances, Bryan ended up siding with Perry.

“You’re going to Hollywood,” he told her. 

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