Casi Joy Talks Latest Single, ‘The Money’ And Her New Home On Wheels

After this past year, which has been a slow time in the music industry, The Voice alum, Casi Joy has…


Madeleine O’Connell

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June 4, 2021


9:39 am

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Casi Joy; Photo Provided

After this past year, which has been a slow time in the music industry, The Voice alum, Casi Joy has released her new, relatable song, “The Money.” 

According to Joy, talking about money, especially during a time when so many people have been struggling to make ends meet, was important because she understands what it’s like to go through that. 

“I wanted to write something kind of sarcastic and lighthearted, but it is about a very real subject and it was real to me at the time as well when I wrote it,” Joy said in an interview with Lauren Jo Black on Connect with Country Now. “It was a dry season of not many shows and every other call was a collector and every knock was a wolf at the door. I feel like so many people go through that, where we’re supposed to believe it’s not about the money and there’s more to life than money, it doesn’t revolve around money, but when you can’t pay your bills and you’re constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul, it’s about the money.”

“I just want enough money for it to not be about the money,” Joy added.

YouTube video

Speaking of money, Joy and her husband have also found a new way to cut some unnecessary costs out of their lives.  After her time on Blake Shelton’s team on NBC’s The Voice, Joy and her husband decided to sell their stationary house and turn a bus into their new home. In a pre-pandemic era, the couple would be away from their home for long periods of time because of touring, so they figured, why not turn the place they spend most of their time into their home?

“Since being on The Voice, I was touring nonstop going to Canada, all around the U.S and we were never home in our Nashville house,” Joy told Country Now. “We were paying for all these utilities and internet that we were never using, so we decided to sell our house and get a 44 foot bus. We named her “The Joyride.” Now, we’re able to go on the road and, ya know, spread joy wherever the music takes us.”

Joy also revealed that her and her husband both still have their individual duties in caring for their new home, just as they would when off the road.

“He drives the bus, he fixes the bus, I decorate the bus. He does all of my photography, videography, booking my shows, he manages anything under the sun except for sing. I’m working on singing.”

Joy’s single “The Money” is available now on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and Pandora and more.

Additionally, Joy recently debuted her brand new single “Namaste” accompanied by a music video, which you can watch below. 

YouTube video
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