Caylee Hammack To Kick Off 27 LIVE Music Series At The Westin Nashville

The country star will be joined by special guest, Catie Offerman.


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May 22, 2023


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Photo Courtesy Caylee Hammack

Caylee Hammack will be kicking off this year’s 27 LIVE series at The Westin Nashville with an intimate performance featuring new music, heartfelt ballads, and a true taste of her country music soul. 

Taking place 27 floors above Nashville’s bustling downtown area and The Gulch in the L27 Rooftop Lounge, this series gives Hammack the opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new fans who have been following along with her musical journey. (RSVP to the show by clicking HERE.)

Checking in with Country Now ahead of the show on Thursday, May 25, Hammack revealed her excitement about playing for a crowd in Music City, as it holds a community that has welcomed her in with open arms since her move from Georgia at just 19 years old.  

“There’s always gonna be more of the industry folks that are gonna stand to the back, wherever the good sound is, and have their arms crossed and really listen. Then there are the groups of people that have watched you since you started that know even your dance moves, like different cues you have and different songs,” she shared.

“I remember the first time that someone did that to me when I was on stage and I was doing this certain move and they did it to the time of the music too. And I remember being shocked and then almost nervous thinking, ‘well, do I move too much?’ And then I realized, nope. The next time I did a show, another group of girls we’re doing it and I was like, ‘Okay, so if I just keep doing the same moves, at some point when everyone catches on, we’re all gonna be not only singing together, but dancing together.’ And I’m like, alright, I’m good with that. So yeah, my Nashville crowd brings that.”

Joining the “Small Town Hypocrite” singer on the lineup for the upcoming show is Catie Offerman, another female voice that has begun to cement her place in the pool of talented artists with her raw honesty and undeniable Texas charm.

“I just love her. I think she has this sincerity to her and her music that, it’s just, I don’t know. It’s personable. I really think that there’s something about her music that’s very genuine and so I know it’ll be a good night. I also like being on shows with other girls because we kind of get normally placed in between a couple guys on a roster or whatever, you know, for a festival lineup. Getting to play a show where it’s two girls back-to-back is a good feeling.”

For those coming to see the summer series from out of town, Hammack shared a few recommendations for some must-see sites that will provide a unique taste of Nashville’s bustling downtown area. 

“I think more so than say, a restaurant, what I would suggest is going down, look for the Ryman and look for Broadway. You’re gonna find a little tiny alley in between the Ryman and the back entrance of Tootsies,” she began. “If you go down that little path, this is my little trick for people coming into Nashville, and you wanna go to any of those bars, the lines are going to be significantly less, if any lines at all. So I would suggest going down that alleyway, taking a picture in the arch in front of the gate that goes into the Ryman, because you gotta think of how many footsteps of the legends have stepped down those steps. Always take a picture there.”

“I always tell people to do that if they’re ever new to Nashville and then go to Roberts. Go in the back door of Roberts, go get yourself a fried bologna sandwich or a cheeseburger and chips and sit and listen to some rockin’ country music.”

Hammack also revealed that as she builds out her set list, fans can expect to hear a slew of unreleased tunes as she readies her upcoming sophomore album.

“I’m in this weird place of trying out songs before I finalize the last few songs on this record because I have so many to pick from and I’m having a lot of indecision as to, I’ve kind of put all the songs that I really needed for my heart on this record already, and now I’m just trying to figure out what songs do other people’s hearts need?”

While she’s unsure of when the project will be finished and ready for the world to hear, Hammack explained that it will hold a collection of personal experiences that she’s come across in this stage of her life. 

“Especially in country music, you know, you gotta hit a couple songs, you gotta get those songs in there that your team will think are singles. You gotta get those songs in that mean something to your heart. And then there’s for me, like two to three slots that it’s like, ‘okay, what is meant to be in these slots? What do people need?’

She continued, “In my personal experience, a lot of the stuff at 29, I feel like a lot of my journey has been life experiences, but a lot have been through love directly and trying to find love. And I think that just as a young woman, those are the songs I really connect with the most, unless I’m going through some singular life experience. Love has a way of tinging a lot of different moments for me in my life, so it bleeds through in the music, but I’m excited to play some new ballads. I may be leaning into ballots, who knows?”

Listeners have already gotten a taste of her new album through recent releases, “History of Repeating” and “All or Nothing.”

“When my team asked me what I wanted to put out as the first song, I felt like ‘All or Nothing,’” Hammack shared. “It was kind of funny cause the images for it were the most like, Gothic, noir kind of feeling. It was a lot of a darker scene, I guess, aesthetically than the rest of my stuff, but I just knew that that song was the one that needed to come out of the gate. We’re back. It’s all or nothing this time. Let’s go.”

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Throughout the year, Hammack will get to showcase her new set of work through appearances at a variety of festivals such as CMA Fest, Country Summer Music Festival and The Long Road Festival. 

Additionally, she will serve as support on select dates of Dierks Bentley’s Gravel & Gold Tour, which is set to kick off June 1 in Toronto, ON. The trek will continue with stops in cities such as Chicago, IL, Jacksonville, FL, Salt Lake City, UT and more before wrapping up in Auburn, WA on August 26.

“Dierks was the first big camp that ever kind of took me underneath their wing, took me out on the road and he didn’t have to. He knew that I was starting out and wanted to help and I really didn’t have anything going,” Hammack began as she reflected on getting to know Bentley. “He was just really sweet to bring us out there. And I remember at some point one night, I was riding back on the production bus cause I didn’t have enough money at the time to get a bus or anything like that, but there was no way I was gonna get to the next place if I van rode it in to get to the show before I was supposed to go on. So they put us up on the bus with all the production crew.”

“It just was one of those moments where I was fully embraced by a team,” she added. “And as a young artist trying to like prove themselves, when you feel this like wholesome acceptance from a team just for being who you are and doing what you’re doing, it feels so good.”

Following Caylee Hammack’s upcoming appearance at The Westin Nashville, the remainder of the 2023 27 LIVE series will feature more of Music City’s most promising new artists including Tyler Rich, Georgia Webster, David Morris, Kassi Ashton, King Calaway, and more. Plus, rising country star, Taryn Papa, will serve as the host of the rooftop shows. 

No tickets are required to attend, but guests must be 21 or older. Each show beings at 7 pm CT.

For more information and to RSVP for priority entrance, please visit

27 LIVE at The Westin Nashville’s L27 Rooftop Lounge: Summer 2023 Schedule 

Thursday, May 25: 27 LIVE featuring Caylee Hammack with special guest Catie Offerman

Thursday, June 8: 27 LIVE featuring Tyler Rich with special guest Graham Barham

Thursday, July 20: 27 LIVE featuring Georgia Webster with Meg McRee

Friday, August 25: 27 LIVE featuring King Calaway with special guest Ben Chapman & Co.

Thursday, September 7: 27 LIVE featuring Kassi Ashton with special guest Abbey Cone

Thursday, September 21: 27 LIVE featuring David Morris with special guest TBA

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