Chase McDaniel Gives His Song ‘Your Daughter’ New Life In Honor Of National Daughter’s Day

McDaniel marked the occasion by releasing two new acoustic versions of the heartfelt tune.


Melanie Rooten

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September 25, 2023

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Chase McDaniel; Photo Provided

Today (September 25) is National Daughter’s Day, and there is no better way to celebrate than streaming Chase McDaniel’s smash hit, “Your Daughter.”

Released nearly a year ago, “Your Daughter” is one of the talented singer-songwriter’s most popular tracks, highlighting the hardships he faced while growing up in Greensburg, Kentucky and being raised by his grandparents.

“‘Your Daughter’ holds a special place in my heart and always will, because most people think it’s about an ex-girlfriend or a girlfriend, and I actually wrote it about my sister growing up,” the budding country star told Country Now and other reporters earlier this year at Live in the Vineyard Goes Country in Napa Valley, California.

Chase McDaniel; Photo by LITV/JETBLACK/Alec Savig
Chase McDaniel; Photo by LITV/JETBLACK/Alec Savig

McDaniel explained, “Our dad was an addict, and he let go of his life when she was seven. I was the oldest, and so I watched her grow up in that environment, and I didn’t have nobody to talk to either, so we kind of were there for each other… Writing that song was a way for both of us to heal, and now playing shows, I play that song live and people are singing back the words and then coming up to me at meet and greet and telling me how that song saved their life.”

“You see how music does that, and you’re like, ‘Yeah, this is all that matters,’” the emerging artist concluded passionately.

While country music lovers are obsessed with “Your Daughter” (for good reason), what does his sister think of the smash hit?

“She’s tough. She’s a stonewall. I know she loved it, but when I first played for her, she’s like, ‘Thanks,’” McDaniel shared with a smile. “Since then, she’ll write me and be like, ‘That’s all I listened to today. Thank you so much,’ or my Mama will text me and she’ll be like, ‘Hey, you really set the bar with that one.’”

“She’s a little firecracker… We look just alike, to be honest. I tell everybody, we look like what Evanescence would’ve looked like if they grew up in Kentucky and drank Ski, which is like my hometown’s drink,” the country crooner gushed about his sibling.

While “Your Daughter” is almost a year old, Your Daughter (Acoustic) hit all music streaming platforms this past Friday (September 22), consisting of “Your Daughter – Acoustic Wedding Version” and “Your Daughter – Willow’s Version,” ultimately reviving the song that Chase McDaniel fans know and love.

@chasemcdanielmusic “No one will ever know the violence it took to become this gentle.” To everyone out there making the most of their lives despite what they were given, I see you. Where you started does not determine where you’re going. Thank you for listening to my music and giving me a platform. I promise to try to do good with it. 🖤 #nationaldaughtersday #yourdaughter #mentalhealth #newcountryartist ♬ Your Daughter – Willow's Version – Chase McDaniel

The emerging artist took to TikTok to announce the new versions of “My Daughter,” as well as share some words of wisdom with those who relate to the track. “We just put out two new acoustic versions of “Your Daughter” Today, one called the “Acoustic Wedding Version” and one called “Willow’s Version,” in honor of National Daughter’s Day,” he prefaced.

“‘Willow’s Version’ has a surprise ending, a surprise last verse, of which the song was actually inspired by, and the truth is that it’s about my little sister. It’s about our dad, who ended his life 11 years ago, and we grew up going through it together… I wanted to put some things into a song that took me way too long to have to figure out by myself, and I wanted to be able to offer her something that we didn’t always have,” the Kentucky native gushed, reiterating the meaning behind “Your Daughter.”

“For National Daughters Day, to everyone out there who relates to this, you are enough. It was never your fault. It wasn’t about you. You are loved, and thank you all so much for connecting to this song in each of your own ways, and thank you for loving your daughter,” McDaniel concluded passionately. 

YouTube video
YouTube video

While “Your Daughter” will always be a fan favorite, the star-in-the-making’s song “Project” has been picking up speed as of late, despite hitting all music streaming platforms in May of 2022.

Amassing over 20 million streams in its lifetime, and landing the number one spot on the Billboard Digital Sales and iTunes Country single charts, McDaniel finally dropped the official music video for “Project” earlier this month.

Naturally, his supporters flooded the comment section with love.

“He is definitely a future “Best New Artist.” I’m in love with his vibe. I like the way he thinks/writes lyrics. His music is fire,” one fan wrote.

Another gushed, “How is Chase not ALL OVER country stations? Don’t ever give up, Chase!”

“Can’t express how happy I am that he has made it this far. I found him on TikTok before he was super popular. AND THIS MUSIC VIDEO IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST,” a third fan shared.

YouTube video

Speaking of finding him on TikTok, the 28-year-old  is known for his strong social media presence, constantly posting about his music, his mental health struggles, his upbringing and more.

“If I’m to have a purpose and make an impact in this world, this is what I feel like it is, and so I just gave it everything I had… The only thing I knew how to do was to social media,” McDaniel revealed. “I didn’t have any other pathways that were visible, so I just put all of my marbles into that basket. I threw away plan B, I threw away any other options for my life. I said, ‘This is my purpose. This is what I’m going to do, and I’m going to make it work.’”

“Since then, I’ve had just unbelievably amazing people come into my life who believe in the music that I’m making, which I think is so much more important than the numbers and followers,” the soon-to-be country star gushed. “The reason the numbers and followers are there is because there’s been a connection that has been made because of the music, and so having people in my life that see that connection and the power of music is what’s most important to me now.”

Fans can listen to “Your Daughter” (or the acoustic versions) and “Project” on all music streaming platforms, as well as connect with Chase McDaniel on Instagram and TikTok.

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