Chris Bandi Reveals His Emotional Single, ‘Would Have Loved Her,’ Almost Didn’t Happen

During a recent interview on Connect with Country Now on the CTRL_Music_ Twitch channel, Chris Bandi dove into the details…


Madeleine O’Connell

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May 27, 2021


12:00 pm

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Chris Bandi; Photo Midtown Motion

During a recent interview on Connect with Country Now on the CTRL_Music_ Twitch channel, Chris Bandi dove into the details of his single, “Would Have Loved Her,” which was released in July of 2020. 

Since this single doesn’t mention trucks or beer, it doesn’t exactly qualify as the “typical” country song. Because of this, the idea was unfortunately passed on by a lot of writers, until Bandi’s good friend, Zach Kale, saw it in a different light. 

After Bandi explained the meaning behind the song and the title to Kale, the two discovered they had both lost someone very important in their life, a father and a grandfather. These are the family members that Kale and Bandi unfortunately never got the chance to introduce their partners to.

“We kinda looked at each other and we knew that that was the song that we needed to write that day,” Bandi told Country Now. “And it was funny because it was the last song that I wrote in 2019 and we didn’t get the demo back until probably February of 2020.”

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At that point, Bandi thought he had already finalized his debut EP, but it was missing one last song.

“I turned the song into my manager, who sent it to the label and everybody said, ‘we need to find a time that you can get back to Nashville, because this song needs to go on the EP.’ I’m so glad that I had a team that was willing to do that and go back into the studio and make sure that it was right and not feel rushed. So we put it out on the EP.”

Luckily, this song made a great edition to Bandi’s EP and the reactions from fans has proved that.

“I feel like I’ve honored my grandfather very well with that ’cause it could go either way, and I’m glad that they love it as much as I do,” said Bandi.

Since releasing his self-titled EP, which includes a stripped down version of “Would Have Loved Her,” Bandi has been working hard on writing more music. As he shares snippets of new tracks on TikTok, his fans grow more and more eager for the upcoming releases.  

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