Chris Lane Reveals Brad Paisley Advised Him Against Proposing With A Song

Country music singer Chris Lane, 34, and his new fiancée, Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell, 29, stopped by The Bobby Bones…


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July 27, 2019

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Chris Lane, Lauren Bushnell; Photo via Instagram

Country music singer Chris Lane, 34, and his new fiancée, Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell, 29, stopped by The Bobby Bones Show on Friday, (July 26) to share all of the details about their recent engagement.

During the 20-minute long conversation, which concluded with a fun-filled Newlywed Game, show host Bobby Bones revealed that Lane shared proposal plans with him during the 2019 CMT Music Awards before asking for Bushnell’s hand in marriage.

“Wait, you knew?” Bushnell gasped after finding out that she was also onsite when Lane spilled the beans to Bones.

Fans will recall Lane popped the question to Bushnell in the backyard of her childhood home in Portland, Oregon on Father’s Day 2019. A song he wrote specifically for her, “Big, Big Plans” played on in the background through house speakers, as part of the big moment. As it turns out, Lane even sought out advice about his song choice for the proposal from tour buddy Brad Paisley. 

“Brad Paisley had even told me, ‘Man, I don’t know if that’s the best idea. What if she doesn’t love the song?’” Lane explained.And I was just like, well, in my mind, it’s just gonna be the chance that I have to take.”

Despite Paisley’s opposition, Lane went with his gut decision to include “Big, Big Plans,and it paid off – despite a few minor hiccups leading up to the actual proposal.

“Nobody knows this part of the story, but I had recorded the song and weeks went by and I haven’t heard it, and I’m about to propose,” Lane revealed. “I’m texting my producer Joey and I’m like, ‘Dude, I’m about to propose! I need the song!’”

“So he sends it to me unfinished. And I said ‘Hey, is it cool if I play this song right now?’ Because I wanted her and her family to hear it as well,” he continued. “Two minutes before I did this, as I was walking out there, cannot make this up, I stepped in dog poop, bare feet. I had to go to the water hose to get it washed off.”

Lane also went onto say that his nerves got the best of him and he nearly forgot what he was going to say after washing off his feet. So he found a Sharpie and wrote down the words “best thing” on his hand to remember his lines. Needless to say, Bushnell couldn’t have been more moved about the entire ordeal – as well as the song choice.

“I knew he had been working on the song for along time.  He was very secretive about it. He would go practice or go to the studio and I hadn’t heard any of it,” she said. “I love the song…it takes me back to that day. It is a constant reminder of what was the happiest day of my life.”

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