Chris Stapleton Transforms Into a Lego Mini-Figure In ‘Second One To Know’ Video

Chris Stapleton teamed up with Lego to create an awesomely unique music video for his song “Second One To Know.”…


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November 6, 2019

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Chris Stapleton, Second One To Know Video; Photo via YouTube

Chris Stapleton teamed up with Lego to create an awesomely unique music video for his song “Second One To Know.”

The just-released clip features Stapleton, his band, crew and family as Lego mini-figures. The video opens with Stapleton and his band performing the song to a crowd full of adoring mini-figure fans. Soon, a Lego biker gang of ninjas ambush the stage, leaving Stapleton and the musicians to fend them off with their instruments.

Meanwhile, a fire-breathing dragon awakens from its slumber beneath a nearby body of water. Stapleton quickly takes charge, calling upon an eagle to fly him to battle the dragon. As Stapleton takes on the beast, his crew continues to face off against the ninjas. The epic battle scene comes to a climax when a giant Stapleton-looking transformer appears to fend off the dragon once and for all. Stapleton joins in the fight and ultimately takes him out with an epic guitar solo.

The music video also features a cameo by actor Chris Pratt, who appeared in both Lego movies and also happens to be a longtime Chris Stapleton fan.

“We wanted to do something fun for this song and it always sounded like a fight scene to me, so we approached The Lego Group with this idea and a rough outline of what we wanted to do,” Stapleton shared in a press release. “Once The Lego Group gave us the green light, David Coleman and the team at Pure Imagination took that outline and refined and built it into what it has become. Along the way, the fight got bigger and more absurd and I got a front row seat to watch the massive amount of work that animators put into what they do. The tiniest details were thought about and discussed and edited and revised. My kids even got to be a part of designing their characters and it was a cool thing for us to get to do together. It was an incredible experience for me and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

According to his website, Chris and Morgane Stapleton’s Outlaw State of Kind fund will donate royalties from the music video to various organizations that implement the LEGO Foundation’s Playful Parenting program, which “promotes playful interactions between caregivers and children aged birth to three across the globe.”

The ACM Artist-Songwriter of the Decade co-wrote “Second One To Know” with Mike Henderson. The track appears on his 2017 album, From A Room: Volume 1.

Stapleton recently wrapped his 2019 All-American Road Show Tour. Next week, he’ll take the stage at the 53rd Annual CMA Awards to perform alongside pop superstar P!nk.

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