Chris Young Recalls the Moment Kenny Chesney Called Him After Earning His Very First No.1 Single

As if hitting the charts at No.1 for the first time wasn’t exciting enough, it was the person who called…


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 9, 2021


10:22 am

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Chris Young; Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images, Kenny Chesney; Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for CMT

As if hitting the charts at No.1 for the first time wasn’t exciting enough, it was the person who called Chris Young and told him the great news that made it all the better.

Not long after releasing his single, “Getting’ You Home” in 2009, it reached number one on Hot Country Songs and Young remembers exactly where he was the moment he found out. He had just landed in Nashville, TN and while waiting in the airport, he received a call from the one and only, Kenny Chesney.

In an interview with RADIO.COM’s Katie & Company, Young reflected on this surreal experience, explaining he thought it was a prank at first. Once he realized that the real Kenny Chesney had called to congratulate him and invite him out for drinks, he couldn’t refuse the opportunity.

“The very first beer that I had as like a ‘cheers moment’ after that song went number one, was from Kenny Chesney. It was pretty crazy,” said Young.

He went on to share the glamorous gift he bought himself as a reward for his accomplishment, a washer and dryer for his home that came with a little extra character.

“My mom called and asked where I got it… I said, ‘there’s a scratch and dent down here, I got the same thing for $400 less.’ She just shook her head at me so it is what it is.”


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Another artist that has recently played a big role in Young’s career, Kane Brown, is featured on his latest release, “Famous Friends.” Young explained how these two country artists are actually really good friends. He first thought of Brown and knew he would make a great addition to the single.

“I was lucky enough to get to know him even before he had his record deal at Sony,” explains Young. “[I] started writing the song and I was like, ‘this is one of those things where you could actually have two guys on a duet where it makes sense.’”

Along with Brown, this song and upcoming music video also include a few of Young’s other close friends who were happy to be a part of the experience.

As he continued to hint about his new music, Young said, “it’s a really really good mix and there’s fallin’ in love, fallin’ out of it and everything in between.”

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