Christian McGuckian Brought To Tears After Luke Bryan Says She Has the ‘Magic Country Stuff’ on ‘American Idol’

Christian McGuckian, Luke Bryan
Christian McGuckian, Luke Bryan; Photos Courtesy American Idol, ABC
Christian McGuckian, Luke Bryan

South Carolina native Christian McGuckian served up a cover of Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” on Sunday’s (Feb. 28) episode of American Idol. Although she earned a golden ticket to Hollywood, her performance drew some criticism from the judges.

“Listen, you have magic country stuff going on in your voice, but you’re letting everything around you get in its way, understand?” Luke Bryan told her. “I would give anything in the world to get you to sing on time a little better, that is your biggest hurdle currently.”

 After encouraging her to stop focusing on the cameras and just sing, McGuckian, who works as a maid, got one more chance to show the judges what she can do. 


“You got some things to work on,” Katy Perry told her. 

“You have magical things going on or we would not have dedicated all of that to you,” Bryan added. “We have these country girls singers come in here and they try to act country and sing country but you can tell, they ain’t country.”  

“You country,” Perry exclaimed. “You got the talent, You just need dig in the right direction.” 

Lionel Richie agreed. 

“There’s no such thing as failure,” he told her. “When you win, you win, when you lose, you learn and then it will make you a better person on the other side, I guarantee you.” 

Ultimately, McGuckian earned a golden ticket to Hollywood with a “yes” from all three judges. 

Click above to watch Christian McGuckian perform “Girl Crush.” 

American Idol returns on Sunday (March 7) at 8/7c.