Clay Walker Expecting Eighth Child

This is his sixth child with his wife, Jessica.


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April 11, 2023

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Photo Courtesy Clay Walker

Clay Walker and his wife, Jessica, are expecting baby number six.

The news of their pregnancy dropped Tuesday (April 11), letting the world know that they will welcome a daughter this fall. 

“We are beyond excited about having a little girl! Her brothers and sisters are waiting her arrival. God is great,” Walker shared in a press release. 

The new baby will join siblings Christiaan (2), Ezra (5), Elijah (10), Mary-Elizabeth (13) and William (14), and Clay’s two adult daughters from his previous marriage, Skylor and MaClay.

The Texas native is considered a staple of country music with songs like “If I Could Make A Living,” “This Woman And This Man,” “Live Until I Die” and “She Won’t Be Lonely Long.” Throughout his three-decades in the music industry, Walker has racked up 11 No. 1 singles, 32 songs on the Billboard charts, four RIAA PLATINUM albums and two Certified GOLD albums. However, one of his most prized achievements is his growing family. 

When Walker isn’t out on the road touring in front of massive crowds, he’s spending time at home with his wife and kids. Among all the challenges that comes with balancing life on and off the road, one of the biggest obstacles Walker has had to face is battling the chronic disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 

Photo Courtesy Clay Walker
Photo Courtesy Clay Walker

The country star has lived with his diagnosis since 1996. Luckily, in order to continue his demanding career as an artist, he’s found success in the combination of a treatment plan and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This means staying on track when it comes to nutrition and exercise as well as keeping up with his prescribed medication.

“We keep the bus stocked with things that we need to stay healthy,” Walker previously revealed to Country Now. “We also keep what we call the T-Rex. It’s this apparatus that we hook to the outside of the trailers and we’ll do all kinds of stretches and pull ups and presses. It’s just a great versatile piece of equipment to stay in shape.”

His family has also played a big part in helping him stay active during his time off the road. Unfortunately, this disease is not linear, meaning he experiences plenty of good days as well as plenty of bad days. Even through some of his toughest moments, Walker still strives to make sure this disease doesn’t keep him from doing the things he loves to do.

Clay Walker; Photo Provided
Clay Walker; Photo Provided

“I hide it from my kids. I hide it from everybody if I can, but there’s certain times of the day that you’ll struggle or certain days you’ll struggle. And you don’t know the rhyme or reason why it’s like that,” he shared honestly. “There are days that I can run and days that I can’t run so well and so I just make ’em do whatever I feel like I can do,” he laughed. “It might be playing football or soccer or it might just be standing still shooting hoops.”

Despite being limited at times, Walker assured that he is “thankful and blessed” for the amount of mobility that he does have.

Following the release of his 2021 album, Texas to Tennessee, Walker returned to country radio in 2022 with his current single, “Catching’ Up With an Ol’ Memory.”

YouTube video

Written by Walker with Jaron Boyer, George Birge, and Lalo Guzman, this nostalgic tune draws influences of Keith Whitley’s “Between An Old Memory and Me.” The sorrowful lyrics find Walker in a bar, reminiscing on the memories he made there with a past love interest. 

“Don’t know what it is, what it is, but what it is / Girl, I still miss you / Something good, so good about this place brings me right back here with you / Yeah, we’d lean it back, light it up, tip it up till they asked us to leave,” he sings in the powerful chorus. “If you see me drinking alone tonight don’t feel sorry for me / ‘Cause I’m just catching up with an ol’ memory / Catching up with an ol’ memory.”

Clay Walker is currently in the midst of his 2023 Country Side Tour. This trek launched in Clearwater, Florida on February 1 and is slated to continue through July 29 when the run will conclude in Stockville, Nebraska.

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