Cody Johnson Reveals He’s Currently Working On Three Albums

Cody Johnson has been capturing the hearts of fans with his vulnerability and classic country sound and based on his…


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June 29, 2022


3:48 pm

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Cody Johnson; Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Cody Johnson has been capturing the hearts of fans with his vulnerability and classic country sound and based on his latest announcement, there’s plenty more of that to come. During his recent No. 1 celebration, Johnson revealed that he’s currently working on not one, not two, but three albums.

Chatting with Country Now and other media outlets, Johnson shared the journey that led up to making the decision to build out three full projects.

Cody Johnson; Photo by Erika Goldring, Getty Images
Cody Johnson; Photo by Erika Goldring, Getty Images

After being on the verge of burnout for years, he finally found the work-life balance he had been desperately searching for as a husband and father of two daughters. When he had a moment to step back in 2020, Johnson was able to figure out the best course of action for his mental health, while also maintaining the hectic life of an artist.

The Texas native took advantage of the downtime at home to figure out the question he had been asking himself, “where do we go from here?” As a result, he came back strong in 2021 with a total of 135 shows. While important for moving up in his career, this ultimately led him to return to that state of exhaustion. “I noticed myself starting to develop anxiety and almost depression,” he shared honestly.

Cody Johnson; Photo by Getty Images for CMT
Cody Johnson; Photo by Getty Images for CMT

Sitting down with his team, he made the best decision for himself and agreed to only play 75 shows this year.

“I’ve had the kind of year where I get to go work really hard and I get the little break. Then I get to work really hard and I get a little break,” he explained. “I have the room to breathe and go, I want to be creative. And I can do that from home a lot of times.”

With the extra downtime, he was able to spend more time with his family and pursue his creativity in new ways. The extra space he allowed himself to have in his life brought on the ideas for these three new projects, which will include a live album, concept album, and new studio album. In his own words, “Got to make hay while the sun shines.”

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These records will follow his 2021 project, Human: The Double, which features his first No. 1 on the mainstream radio charts, “’Til You Can’t.”

“I knew that, ‘’Til You Can’t,’ was going to be huge when we recorded it, but nobody ever wants to say the H-word. Nobody wants to say hit. And I’m like it’s pretty big, it just feels big. This was from the time that we had it as a demo. When we recorded it, I went, ‘this is incredible, this is bigger than where I am.’”

Cody Johnson Says A ‘Very Scary, Near-Death Experience’ Completely Changed His Perspective On ”Til You Can’t’

Human is a testament to how far he has come from his days of pursuing a rodeo career to being able to officially call his song a hit. Whether he was in the ring for the rodeo or working as an entertainer, Johnson has found comfort in being in front of a large crowd. Getting to this stage in his career hasn’t been a walk in the park though.

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The title track off the album, “Human,” showcases a bit of that trial and tribulation he endured early on in his career. This song is Johnson’s latest radio single and it’s also one song in particular that has held a special place in his heart since the moment he first heard it because of how much he could relate.

“I felt like I missed out because I should have wrote it. It was the most autobiographical thing I’ve ever heard that I didn’t write. I truthfully thought they had to have been writing this about me because I’ve lived that. ‘All the headlights, all the midnights. Chasing all that empty, still ain’t got it right.’ You know, we went from a truck and a trailer, to a van and a trailer, to a bus, to three buses, and we’re still continuing to grow even in the next year,” he explained. “That’s a lot of miles away from home. That’s a lot of time away from your young wife, in my case, with kids that she’s raising by herself at home. I was not always the best husband. I was not always the best example out on the road. You know, I lived pretty hard for a long time in the honky tonks and bars and it was not easy.”

Although he lives with regret from those days of his life, Johnson has used those experiences to push himself further and become a better version of himself for both him and his family.

He added, ‘When I heard, “Human,’ that was my reaction. It was, ‘wow, this is about me.’ And if I can sing this song in a way that it relates to everybody, that makes it authentic, in my opinion.”

New dates have recently been added to the Cody Johnson & Friends Tour that will continue through the fall. A number of special guests will be joining him on the road including Easton Corbin, Drew Parker, and Jordan Rowe.

Cody Johnson’s next show is set for July 8 in Fort Loraine, OH.

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