Colby Acuff Extends The ‘Western White Pines’ Experience With Deluxe Album Release

“I think that we’re going to really add a lot of color and really enhance the story,” Acuff shared of the expanded release.


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September 17, 2023


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Colby Acuff; Photo by Matthew Berinato

Fans who found themselves to be obsessed with Colby Acuff’s major label debut album, Western White Pines, are in luck because there is plenty more where that came from with the release of the special deluxe version of the project.

On Friday, (September 15), the rising country star released a deluxe version of his fourth studio album via Sony Music Nashville, featuring six additional songs: “Through My Window Pane,” “Ain’t No Time To Die,” “Livin’ Too Close To The Dream,” “Cherokee Rose,” “River Runs Through It” and his most recent single, “Movin’.”

The fresh tracks continue to showcase the rugged essence and genuine lyricism that Acuff initially introduced on Western White Pines, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to conveying his distinct viewpoint through his traditional country sound. This is evident after listening to the extended version of the project from top to bottom.

Colby Acuff - Western White Pines
Colby Acuff – Western White Pines

The Idaho native sat down with Country Now to share insight into the expanded release and even revealed his favorite tunes from the stellar 16-song tracklist.

To kick things off, Acuff discussed his decision to release a deluxe version of Western White Pines, revealing that the album was always meant to be this way.

“We cut all 16 songs all at the same time, and so the project has always been 16 songs. We decided that we wanted to release the ten songs in June, I mean, for a couple reasons,” he prefaced.

Acuff continued, “My reason was I wanted to be able to put out more music in the year, so I think, you know, the ten songs that we released, Western White Pines, those I think are the ten songs that in my mind were differentiated… You’re never going to hear the same song twice in the first ten, and I think it told a really good story of who I am, where I’m from, what I’m going through, and so on.”

“Some of the tracks out of the extra six that we’re adding, a few of them are, you know, maybe my favorite songs on the entire project, and so I think that we’re going to really add a lot of color and really enhance the story,” the talented singer-songwriter continued passionately, and it is clear that the six additional songs do exactly that.

One of the most notable tracks on the extended version of Western White Pines is titled “Movin’,” a song that hit all music streaming platforms on August 18, prior to the other five.

YouTube video

“I think I wanted to release something ahead of time,” the 26-year-old explained. “I’ve released an album every year. I’m big on releasing music. I love making music, obviously, but I love making records, so I wanted to release ‘Movin’’ to let the people have a track and not make them wait.”

Acuff then proceeded to share the meaning behind the emotive track. 

“‘Movin’’ is a song about me moving to Nashville, Tennessee. I wrote it with Ben Chapman and Ben Roberts, and it’s just, for me at least, it’s a song that’s easy on the ears and kind of heavy on the heart,” he explained. “It’s kind of about me and my girlfriend. We’re originally from Idaho, and I moved to Tennessee in January and she’s moving to Tennessee at the end of the month, and she’s being very supportive and she’s, you know, chasing my dream with me.”

“It’s about chasing your dream with the people that you love,” he concluded with a beaming smile.

While “Movin’” is a track that hits home for Acuff, he surprisingly did not identify it as one of his top three favorites from Western White Pines – instead, “Western White Pines,” “Rolling with the Wind” and “Cherokee Rose” took the cake.

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While “Western White Pines” and “Rolling with the Wind” have been available to stream since the release of his fourth studio album back in June, “Cherokee Rose” is a track that arrived with the deluxe album on Friday. 

“It’s a super sad song,” he admitted. “It’s basically about a guy who gets out of the service… he’s just kind of wanting to see the countryside and driving through, and he finds this old man in a field at night. He ends up finding out, you know, this old man goes out in the field every night and picks these Cherokee Roses because his dead wife would grow them, and so he goes out and picks them and puts them on her headstone. It’s just like the whole story of their relationship, as well as this old man and this guy’s relationship that ends up kind of blooming, so it’s like a really pretty song.”

“It’s one of my favorites I’ve ever written,” the emerging artist, who will soon hit the road with Luke Combs, concluded.

To listen to “Cherokee Rose” and the other newly released tracks from Colby Acuff, click HERE.

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