Cole Swindell Ranks His Moonwalk Skills ‘A 2 Out of 10’ in the ‘Single Saturday Night’ Video

Cole Swindell tried out some of his best dance moves in the new music video for “Single Saturday Night,” but…


Carena Liptak

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June 30, 2020


12:43 pm

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Cole Swindell – Single Saturday Night

Cole Swindell tried out some of his best dance moves in the new music video for “Single Saturday Night,” but he’s warning fans not to set their hopes too high.

“I might have done about a two out of ten moonwalk in my new video,” he joked during a recent virtual press event. “It really wasn’t moonwalking. I just had on a spacesuit, and the background looked like a moon, so that was about it. But I tried!”

That wasn’t the only aspect of the video that Swindell approached with an outside-the-box mindset. Even though it was filmed during the COVID-19 quarantine, the singer says he and his team wanted the treatment to be a little more elaborate than a self-filmed, home video-style clip. Accomplishing that goal while maintaining safe social distancing practices took creativity, and some pretty rigorous strategizing.

“We finally came up with the idea [for it to be] just me and the band guys, we got us all together…but we all went [to the same place] at separate times,” Swindell explains. “It looked like a schedule, all day long, of who was here when. So the whole band came by [on at a time] and were in front of a green screen, and I came last and did all my parts.”

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Of course, the singer and his team had never a video like this before, and there was a learning curve.

“It was awkward filming it, because there was really not a whole lot we could do. That’s why we had the green screens in there,” he adds. “It was pretty crazy, but we wanted to have fun with it. That was our whole thing. We didn’t wanna do a little video of me in a bar seeing a girl or whatever. We just wanted to have fun.”

Amid the tumult of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has thrown both artists’ and fans’ live show plans into uncertainty for the entirety of 2020, Swindell isn’t forgetting to appreciate the positives. Ultimately, he says, there are some good things about having to make a different kind of music video for “Single Saturday Night.”

“As different as it was, I’ll never forget it,” he points out. “And I’ll probably never shoot another music video like it.”

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