Cole Swindell Sweetly Praises Girlfriend Courtney Little: ‘She Makes Me Want To Be Better’

Cole Swindell’s “Single Saturday Night(s)” have come to an end thanks to his girlfriend, Courtney Little. He’s proud to say…


Madeleine O’Connell

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May 20, 2022


9:24 am

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Cole Swindell, Courtney Little; Photo by CMT, The Tyler Twins

Cole Swindell’s “Single Saturday Night(s)” have come to an end thanks to his girlfriend, Courtney Little. He’s proud to say when he’s singing the love stories on his fourth studio album, Stereotype, she’s the one on his mind.

“‘Single Saturday Night,’ that was the case where I hadn’t had my last single Saturday night and it kind of bothered me,” Swindell told Country Now and other media outlets in early April. “I’m singing about it and I’m like, ‘I’m not quite living that yet,’ you know? And the fact that I think I have now for coming on seven months. And it’s been amazing… I know that I out kicked my coverage!”

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The sparks have been flying between the country singer and former NBA dancer for some time now. They started off as long-distance friends, but after she was cast in his 2021 music video for “Some Habits,” and they got to enjoy their first date. Romance was clearly in the air.

“I took a chance asking her to be in my video [for ‘Some Habits.’] That was kind of a weird chance, but I’m so glad I did it,” Swindell said during an interview with Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen on Apple.

In addition to “Some Habits,” Swindell’s latest record also includes “I’m Gonna Let Her,” which he did not write, but the lyrics are still a representation of his true feelings. One track that he did have a hand in writing – “Miss Wherever” – references Little’s involvement in the pageant world. In 2017, she was crowned Miss Teen North Carolina.

“I think showing that side of me a little more, whether it’s social media or recording songs [like] ‘I’m Gonna Let Her’ and just feeling every word of it,” he added. “I feel like it’s a chance putting that out there, but also, I’m proud of where I’m at and proud to be with her. I think getting to sing about it, post about it, whatever it is, I just didn’t think I’d be that guy, and I’m right in the middle of it, and I’m good with that.”

Little’s got the beauty, but Swindell explained that there’s much more to her as a person.

“Obviously, I think she’s absolutely gorgeous, but she’s just a great person,” he said. “I went from never really spending the holidays with anybody other than my own family to not really having a place this year and going with her and meeting her family. Seeing how she was raised is a lot of the same way I was, I just think she makes me want to be better.”

Cole Swindell continued to explain that he can finally relate to the fairytale love stories that he’s sung about and listened to for so long.

“I may have sang about songs like that or always wanted that, but I didn’t know until I found somebody that could do that. I wasn’t going to just settle down yet. I don’t know why her. Why me? I don’t know what other than we’re happy together. But I feel the same way. I hope she feels half as lucky as I do to be with her.”

He’s confident in the loving lyrics he sings in these new songs, but that’s not to say that being so vulnerable left Swindell feeling a bit nervous.

“That’s one of the things I’ve never really liked doing. I’ve just kind of been private about my personal life because there’s people out there on the internet that are cruel. So, I was like, ‘I’m not going to put somebody through that,’ but also, I think when you’re this happy and this happy to be with somebody, that I do want people to know how I feel like a lucky guy. I don’t mind posting about it, but that is something I’ve never really done.”

The ”Chillin’ It” singer’s hesitancy comes from the regret he’s experienced from being open about past relationships in the public eye. Now, he’s ready to let the world know about the lady in his life and everything they’re doing together, from being out on the road to making their red carpet debut at the CMT Awards.

“I’m just excited to have her there with me,” Cole Swindell said.

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