Deion Warren Wows With Cover Of ‘Shallow’ From ‘A Star Is Born’ On ‘The Voice’

The Voice blind auditions continued on Tuesday evening (March 9), with a variety of budding artists taking the stage, hoping…


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March 9, 2021

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Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

The Voice blind auditions continued on Tuesday evening (March 9), with a variety of budding artists taking the stage, hoping to earn a chair turn from the show’s superstar coaches. 

Deion Warren, a 28-year-old North Carolina native, notched an impressive three-chair turn from coaches John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas following a cover of “Shallow.” The song was originally recorded by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and recently covered by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.  

“I didn’t hit my button for one reason. I made a promise to an artist that if they were to pick me that I would keep the lane clear for them and for once, I’m gonna stick to my word, John,” Blake Shelton explained of his decision to not turn his chair. 

“2021 bringing us all sorts of surprises,” Legend joked.


Jonas did his best to convince Warren to join his team. 

“My parents own a restaurant in Belmont, North Carolina and I always picture myself driving to their restaurant, listening to your voice as if it was on the radio and thinking ‘I have to know who this is’ and if the opportunity presents itself, I have to be their coach on The Voice,” Jonas said. “I believe you and I can take this thing to the end of the competition, all the way to the finale and I felt really emotionally connected. I think everyone that watched that performance felt what you were saying, please come to team Nick and let me be your coach.”

Legend praised his song selection and gushed over his unique vocals. 

“I loved the song choice because whenever an artist covers a song that’s kind of a different style than what they come with, then makes it their own, I think it takes skill to pull that off, it takes musicianship, it takes artistry and you showed us all of that,” Legend shared. “I loved your low voice, it was rich, it was nuanced. Every line was delivered with power and essence and you don’t need a lot of coaching from us and I’d love to help you through this thing.”

Clarkson was equally impressed. 

“I loved when I turned around, I was like wow, it was a little different than what I was expecting as I’ve heard a lot of singers cover it and I think they’re doing it more to show off their range instead of doing it for the reason that the song was probably written and the message behind it,” Clarkson complimented. “It felt like you were the perfect vessel for the message in the moment and that is my favorite kind of singer and I think that’s why Nick said he can get you to the finale because I do think that you can get to the finale. Pick, I don’t know someone who has won a vocal competition.”

Warren grappled with his decision and ultimately chose to join Team Legend. 

“What I love most about Deion, is the passion and energy he sings with and that true deep appreciation for soul,” Legend explained. 

Click above to watch Deion Warren’s blind audition

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