Dixie Chicks Officially Announce New Single, ‘Gaslighter’

Dixie Chicks; Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Dixie Chicks; Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Dixie Chicks; Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It’s official – the Dixie Chicks are making a comeback.

The trio revealed plans to release a new single called “Gaslighter” via social media on Friday (Feb. 28). Arriving March 4, the song is the lead single from the Dixie Chicks’ first new album in 14 years.

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Lead singer Natalie Maines previously teased the trio’s new music, revealing that her divorce inspired her to make music once again.

“When I started getting a divorce, I had a lot to say, so that kind of sparked me being ready [to make new music],” Maines previously shared during an appearance on the Spiritualgasm podcast. “Songwriting is hard for me, and I think for many years, I didn’t want to analyze my life or my relationship. I was just in it and dedicated and devoted. If I had started writing songs about it – I don’t want to say I was in ‘survival mode’, but I was just not ready to open up like that.”

Maines recently gave fans a peek at the “Gaslighter” music video, sharing a snap of herself with bandmates Martie Erwin Maguire and Emily Erwin Robison. In her post, the lead singer of the trio teased that the release was “around the corner.”

To coincide with the announcement, the Dixie Chicks launched a new website that reads “Dixie Chicks 2020” and encourages fans to sign up for updates.

The new Dixie Chicks album, which is expected to arrive this year, will serve as the follow-up to 2006’s Taking the Long Way.

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