Dolly Parton Says She Stays Busy, So She Doesn’t Get ‘Depressed’

Dolly Parton shared that she likes to stay busy so she doesn’t get “depressed” in an interview with radio host,…


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June 2, 2022


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Dolly Parton; Photo by Getty Images for ACM

Dolly Parton shared that she likes to stay busy so she doesn’t get “depressed” in an interview with radio host, Lorianne Crook.

“I’m a very creative, sensitive person, and I have to stay busy,” Parton told Crook during the interview. “Boredom isn’t a good thing for a personality like mine to feel.”

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Parton then explained how once when she was sick, she felt down because she couldn’t work.

“One time when I was off sick, I was very bored and I kind of turned all that creativity in on myself,” Parton said. “I’m very sensitive, and people like me become very depressed. There’s a lot of sadness involved. I just know that I’m better off when I’m giving, and I feel like I’m being productive because I think too much; I think too deep; I think too hard. And I analyze too much, and I would just rather be busy.”

“I just like the challenge of seeing all what I can do,” she continued. “I wake up with a new dream every day. I will always be young in that respect. I will always be looking forward to the next day’s light. I wake up looking for what’s out there and I wake up expecting things to go good. And if they don’t, I’m usually surprised.”

Dolly Parton; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for ACM
Dolly Parton; Photo Courtesy of Getty Images for ACM

Parton said she likes to channel her feelings into her songwriting and singing, citing both as “therapy.”

Parton certainly has been keeping busy lately.

She released her latest album, Run, Rose, Run on March 4 via Butterfly Records. The album is a companion to the novel of the same name, which Parton co-authored with James Patterson.

Parton is also set to star in and produce a film adaptation of the novel. The project was picked up actress, Reese Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine.

Prior to the announcement that the novel would be adapted into a film, Parton tapped fellow country singer, Kelsea Ballerini to voice the character, AnnieLee, in the audiobook. The pair even performed “Big Dreams And Faded Jeans,” one of the songs from the album, Run, Rose, Run, at this year’s ACM Awards.

Besides her latest album and novel, Parton has a fragrance via Scent Beauty and a line of cake mix and frosting with the brand Duncan Hines, according to her Instagram. Most recently, the country singer shared she’s partnering with restaurant chain, Taco Bell to make a musical about their popular, Mexican Pizza. The item returned to the chain’s menu after a passionate plea from loyal Taco Bell customers and a petition that garnered over 170,000 signatures.

Parton was among fans who said Taco Bell should bring back the popular item.

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