Drew Baldridge Is ‘So Excited’ To Pay Homage To His ‘Small-Town Roots’ On New Album, ‘Country Born’

Drew Baldridge; Photo by Wales Toney
Drew Baldridge; Photo by Wales Toney
Drew Baldridge; Photo by Wales Toney

Rising star Drew Baldridge recently announced plans to release his highly anticipated second record, Country Born. 

The album will be available for beginning Friday, September 30th. The project includes nine new songs in addition to his latest track, “Little Bit,” and reimagined viral hit “She’s Somebody’s Daughter.”

Accumulating over 150 million career streams thus far, Baldridge is ready for fans to hear what he’s been working on. To pre-save the full album, click HERE.

“I am so excited to pay homage to my small-town roots through ‘Country Born,’” said Baldridge. “This collection of songs encapsulates who I am and how my upbringing shaped me into the person I am today.”

One of the new ballads off the album is “First,” a heartbreaking love-song inspired by a conversation Baldridge had with his wife, Katie, where he told her that when his day comes, he hopes to go before her so he will never have to live a day without her.

The song was penned by Baldridge alongside Lydia Vaughan and Jordan Dozzi and was produced by Nick Schwarz. “First” is available everywhere now. Stream the track here.

Drew Baldridge - Country Born
Drew Baldridge – Country Born

Track Listing:

1.    Imma (•*Drew Baldridge, Trannie Anderson, Paul Sikes)

2.    Mom and Them (*Josh Thompson, Jameson Rodgers, Will Bundy)

3.    Lost in Love (featuring Harper Grace) (+*Drew Baldridge, Harper Grace, Kyle Schlienger)

4.    Legacy (*Drew Baldridge, Jeb Gipson)

5.    She Does (^*Drew Baldridge, Andy Sheridan, Josh London)

6.    Country Born (^*Drew Baldridge, Andy Sheridan, Josh London)

7.    First (*Drew Baldridge, Lydia Vaughan, Jordan Dozzi)

8.    Dudn’t It (:*Drew Baldridge, Allison Veltz, Seth Mosley)

9.    It Ain’t Up To Me (*Adam James, Jordan Dozzi, Jimi Bell)

10. Little Bit (=*Drew Baldridge, Matt McKinney, Andy Sheridan, Ben Williams)

11. She’s Somebody’s Daughter (reimagined) (*Drew Baldridge, Cameron Jaymes, Jimmy Yeary)

*songwriting credits

produced by Nick Schwarz

^produced by Andy Sheridan

•produced by Paul Sikes

:produced by Seth Mosley

+produced by Kyle Schlienger 

= produced by Chris DeStefano

Currently preparing for “The BIG Baldridge and Bonfire Music Festival” – a show taking place on October 1st in his hometown of Patoka, Illinois, Baldridge will be taking the stage as the headliner for this one-day only outdoor festival, performing brand-new songs as well as fan-favorites that helped lead him onto the country radio charts. The festival, sponsored by AriatLanders Iron Saddle Ranch and Midwest Farm & Land Co., will also include performances from Craig Campbell, Dylan Wolfe, Murphy 500 and Katie Hatch. To purchase tickets, click here.

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