Eric Church Reveals His Foolproof Hangover Cure: ‘Works Every Time’

Even Eric Church gets a hangover every now and then!


Lauren Jo Black

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December 30, 2021

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Eric Church; Photo by John Russell/CMA

It’s no secret that Eric Church is a fan of a good whiskey: He has a song called “Jack Daniels” and his very own Eric Church Single Barrel Select edition of of Jack. So, when it comes to hangovers, it’s no surprise that The Chief has a foolproof cure. 

In anticipation of New Year’s Eve, when those of drinking age tend to have a few too many, Church is sharing his go-to hangover cures. Yes, you read that correctly, he has multiple hangover cures. 

“The best hangover cure – I’ve got two. One is 5-hour Energy [bottles], because of all the B-vitamins that are in it. You can start pounding those, and it’s either gonna work, or it’s gonna keep you up and prolong your misery,” Church assures.

“But the other one I have is just take two Advil and a beer in the morning. Hair of the dog, man – that works every time,” he adds. 

There you have it – according to Church, a hangover can be cured pretty easily with a quick trip to the convenience store. 

Eric Church; Photo Courtesy ACM Awards
Eric Church; Photo Courtesy ACM Awards

Church, who is in the midst of his Gather Again Tour, has no shows on the books for New Year’s Eve, so hopefully he’ll take his own advice if he wakes up on New Year’s Day with a hangover. 

The superstar’s next scheduled tour date is set for Friday, January 7 in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

The Gather Again Tour is set to run through May of 2022, with several rescheduled dates taking place later in the year. Church is also scheduled to appear at a number of country music festivals in 2022, including Barefoot Country Music Fest in Wildwood, New Jersey and Country Jam 2022 in Mack, Colorado. 

The massive show, featuring an in-the-round stage,  is in support of Church’s three albums, Heart & Soul, which were released in the Spring of 2021. 

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