Erin Kinsey Drops New EP, Shares Her Top 5 ‘Just Drive’ Road Trip Essentials

As her latest single, “Just Drive,” continues to build a buzz at country radio, Erin Kinsey officially releases her debut…


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March 25, 2022


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Erin Kinsey; Photo by Robby Stevens

As her latest single, “Just Drive,” continues to build a buzz at country radio, Erin Kinsey officially releases her debut six-track EP, 40 East, out today, Friday (March 25, 2022) via RECORDS Nashville.

“Just Drive,” the first offering from 40 East, has the bubbly singer/songwriter remembering a high school date that she once planned at The Melting Pot with her current longtime boyfriend, Josh Hunter. She sings of having the time of her life while in the passenger seat of a car and realizing she would not want to be anywhere else or with anybody else.

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“Anyone can relate to the song if they think about a time in their life where they wanted to get away from it all…get in the car with their significant other and… just drive,” Kinsey said in a press release of the track that unfolded during a writing session in Nashville with Michael August and Josh Ronan and has already racked up more than 23 million views/streams to date.

As with the fun-loving “Just Drive,” the remainder of 40 East pulls directly from Kinsey’s story, introducing listeners to various moments of her life as she reflects on her journey up until now. Putting her creative mind to work, she presents a masterpiece that is all co-written by her. On the project, fans will hear tracks like “This Ain’t Heaven,” a pop-infused number that captures the beauty of romance on earth, and “I Got You,” a sweet ode to the relationship between Kinsey and her high school sweetheart.

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Elsewhere on the EP, listeners will find “Hate This Hometown,” a previously-released cut that captures Kinsey’s decision to leave her hometown only to find nostalgia in the place where she grew up. Meanwhile, “Better On Me,” partially sparked by her and her younger sibling’s tendency to borrow each other’s clothes, has Kinsey showing off her spunk.

“All of these songs, and this project, are a reflection of my life up until now, and one of the biggest parts of my story is chasing this crazy dream of mine,” Kinsey, who began playing music at age 11, shared of her latest project. “What I didn’t know is that 40 East was taking me to so many of my dreams coming true, including this EP.”

Erin Kinsey 40 East COVER
Erin Kinsey 40 East COVER

“Naming this debut EP ‘40 East’ is very special to me. Highway 40 East is the road that gets me most of the way from Texas to Nashville, and it’s a road that I’ve driven many times since I started coming to town with my family, my boyfriend, my friends, and Chewy (my dog),” the multi-instrumentalist added of logging countless miles between Texas and Tennessee.

To honor her current single, “Just Drive,” and debut 40 East EP, Kinsey caught up with Country Now to share the top 5 road trip essentials she always takes with her on her drives from Texas to Nashville.

Check out Erin Kinsey’s Top 5 “Just Drive” Road Trip Essentials in this list below.

1. Chewy (Kinsey’s adorable German Shepherd)

“I’ve got my road trip staples down to a science! Obviously, if I can bring Chewy, then I for sure will! He’s like my child. Haha,” Kinsey says of her furry friend.

2. Good music

“You always need good music on a road trip,” Kinsey explains. “I usually like to fill road trips by listening to new albums or songs that I haven’t had the time to listen to!”

3. Iced coffee

“Iced coffee is a non-negotiable for me! I always need a little caffeine to power through,” the country singer-songwriter says.

4. Waze

“Waze is a key component to living in Nashville or road tripping in general,” Kinsey insists. “It saves me so much time when. I’m trying to get somewhere quick!”

5. Trader Joe’s chocolate coconut almonds

“Last but for sure not least are snacks!” Kinsey says. “My go-to at the moment is Trader Joe’s chocolate coconut almonds. I’m obsessed!”

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