Exclusive Premiere: Ben Gallaher Debuts Fan-Centric ‘Every Small Town’ Lyric Video

Rising country artist and Quartz Hill Records’ Ben Gallaher’s musical talent will undoubtedly take him all over the world, but…


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March 24, 2021


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Ben Gallaher; Photo by David Abbott

Rising country artist and Quartz Hill Records’ Ben Gallaher’s musical talent will undoubtedly take him all over the world, but the Pennsylvania native will always stay true to the small-town roots that brought him to where he is today. And, that’s evident in his brand new lyric video for his current single, “Every Small Town,” premiering exclusively on Country Now.

In this video, Gallaher is featured giving an energetic, full-band live performance of “Every Small Town.” But what makes the clip that much more special is he also pays homage to folks living in rural towns across the country.

To make the vision happen, Gallaher asked his fans to submit photos of themselves showcasing their families, small-town values, and hard work ethic. And, of course, they delivered! Images of blue-collar workers and their families, which make up the backbone of America, have been compiled together to form a complete photo-album for viewing pleasure as lyrics flash across the screen with each turn of a page.

Interestingly enough, Gallaher, who, in the video, is also pictured as a toddler holding up a toy guitar, was inspired to spotlight his fanbase after touring rural areas across the country.

“To me, ‘Every Small Town,’ is a way of life. It’s God, it’s country, family, friends, hard work, values. Every one of those things is in that song,” the talented singer/songwriter and guitar slinger says of the anthemic “Every Small Town” in his bio, posted to his official website. “It’s the way I grew up. It’s the way a lot of us grew up. Even if you live in a big city, chances are you’re from a small town – or you’re close to someone who is. I believe we all have a little bit of small town in us.”

Gallaher, who is no stranger to writing autobiographical anthems about growing up, caught up with Country Now to chat more about the accompanying video for his current single, as well as his journey in country music and what fans can look for next.

Read on to find out more about Ben Gallaher and his new lyric video for “Every Small Town” in this exclusive Q&A below.

At what point did you decide to pursue a career in country music?

I grew up on ‘90s country music and picked up a guitar at age six. That’s when I knew that it’s all I’d ever want to do.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Brooks & Dunn, Tim McGraw, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Keith Urban, and Eric Church.

What’s the inspiration behind “Every Small Town”?

I wrote “Every Small Town” with Jim Collins and Ash Bowers in 2016. I was heavily touring the midwest at that time – writing songs in Nashville, Tenn., Monday through Thursday and on the road playing Friday through Sunday. The inspiration came from playing in and passing through so many small towns.

What does this song mean to you?

To me, it’s pride, country, hard work, family, friends, and God.

What do you want fans to take away from this track?

“Every Small Town” is a song about the American spirit. It’s about being proud of who you are and where you’re from no matter where you live. And it’s not only about a place; it’s a way of life.

How did you come up with the concept for the lyric video?

There’s no better way to connect with fans through music than by playing live. But since we weren’t able to play much in 2020, we thought of another way to connect; to have fans submit videos and photos of them in their towns to be included in the “Every Small Town” lyric video.

Did you expect to get as many fan-submissions as you did for this video?

We got a lot of submissions! I was hoping we would, but I didn’t have a set number in mind.

Was it difficult to choose which photos/videos to showcase for this video?

We were able to use all of the photos/videos that the fans submitted as long as we received their waiver, allowing us to use them.

Before moving to Nashville, you lived in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. To this day, what do you miss the most when you think of your hometown?

I’ve lived in Nashville for almost 10 years now. But when I think about my hometown, I think about my family and growing up there. Being able to see my family all the time is what I miss the most.

Over the years, you’ve opened for various artists like Blake Shelton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Lee Brice. What have you learned so far from being on those tours?

A lot! One thing that I have always taken note of is how well they connect with everyone in the audience, no matter how big the venue is, from the front row to the nosebleed [section].

You’ve also headlined a “Prison Tour” for several years. Can you tell us more about that experience?

I’ve toured the Pennsylvania state prisons for 10 years. These performances are unlike any others, solely because of the acoustic rawness and unbiased audience that I’m playing to. But music is universal no matter where you are in life. That’s the power of it. I’ve had an inmate talk to me after the show and tell me that those 60 minutes of songs changed his entire outlook on life and gave him positivity. That’s powerful, and it’s why I’ve done it for so long. I do it to make a positive impact through my songs.

Are you hopeful about touring more this year, and do you have any upcoming shows?

We’re hoping to get out and play as soon as we can! We’ve had several shows get rescheduled this year and postponed, but we can’t wait to get back out on the road.

Can fans expect a full-length album from you this year?

I’ve been writing every day, and we’ll be back in the studio soon to cut the next round of songs for a release later this year.

What should fans look for from you next?

The “Every Small Town” music video! We just shot it here in Tennessee, and I am pumped for it to come out. We’re also going to release some new songs digitally for fans over the next few months, so keep an eye on my socials for those dates.

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