Exclusive Premiere: Christie Huff Releases New Single, ‘Love-Ish’

Emerging country artist Christie Huff isn’t afraid to live in the moment with her special love interest on her brand…


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January 23, 2020

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Christie Huff; Photo by Hazel Choo

Emerging country artist Christie Huff isn’t afraid to live in the moment with her special love interest on her brand new single “Love-ish,” premiering exclusively on Country Now.

The latest offering has Huff ditching definitions when it comes to building a relationship with a current flame. She finds herself feeling content waking up in the morning and seeing her special someone right by her side. With no need to raise any questions or feel the pressures of putting labels on a relationship, she’s able to take things slow and enjoy the ride of a romance that has the potential to develop into something even stronger.

“‘Cause it’s love-ish / My heart’s pounding when I’m next to you / If I’m honest / We’ve got something that I’d hate to lose,” Huff sings throughout the chorus of the pop-leaning country song. “And when I’m without ya / I don’t like it that way / There’s just something about this / That I can’t explain / But it’s love-ish, yeah.”

Huff, who co-wrote “Love-ish” alongside Aaron Eshuis and Mark Irwin, talked about the inspiration behind the single with Country Now saying the idea for the song developed from her previous experiences of being in the beginning stages of a relationship.

“It wasn’t love yet, but the feeling was moving in that direction. It was just easy and maybe too soon to define it,” Huff recalled. “I feel like with dating nowadays, people don’t define anything until it’s really something special.”

“I got into the room with my co-writers, and I was telling them about a new relationship and said it’s not love, but it’s love-ish,” she added. “We then wrote what became ‘Love-Ish’, [and] this song to me is just how I see love – never wanting to leave a person because they bring you true happiness!”

Huff, who looks to storyteller artists like Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt and Kacey Musgraves for inspiration, may take things slow when it comes to romance. But that’s not the case for her as an artist. The soulful singer shows no signs of slowing down with plans to release a new single every two months throughout 2020. She also has upcoming shows scheduled in the U.S. and London. Fans can visit Huff’s official website for a list of upcoming tour dates.

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