Exclusive Premiere: Claire Wright Experiences ‘Magic’ and ‘Regret’ in ‘Vice’ Music Video

“Life is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t waste it,” country newcomer Claire Wright tells Country Now. “Wherever you’re at,…


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April 30, 2021


8:36 am

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Photo Courtesy Claire Wright

“Life is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t waste it,” country newcomer Claire Wright tells Country Now. “Wherever you’re at, don’t judge yourself. But move on. There’s a lot of good out there, no sense spending minutes on things that don’t make ya feel good. Listen to your moral compass and take no sh*t. You know what’s best for you!”

These wise words of advice from singer/songwriter Claire Wright are for anyone who has someone that is a vice in their life. In her just-released single, ‘Vice,” Wright talks about that person in her life who she knows is wrong for her, but she can’t seem to let go, almost like a bad addiction.

“We’re just trying to get by/ Everybody’s got their vice/ And you’re mine/ If I have you once, I need you a hundred times/ I know you’re bad for me, I don’t care/ We’ll make up reasons it’s alright/ For leaving my door unlocked tonight/ They say everybody’s got their vice/ And you’re mine,” Wright sings on the chorus. 

Wright co-wrote “Vice,” with Ben Glover and Colby Wedgeworth two years ago in Nashville, Tennessee. The inspiration for this powerful song was drawn from her personal experiences and the people in her life that left her feeling “a certain kind of lonely.”

“You know, the ‘quick fix’ kind of people,” explained Wright. “They feel good in the moment, but there’s a twinkle of conviction every time you’re with them. I’d say the lyric in the song that really sums it up is, “you’re a little bit of magic, a little regret.” 

YouTube video

The music video that accompanies “Vice” is debuting exclusively on Country Now. The clip was directed by Grant Gadbois and filmed in Big Bear, which is also Wright’s hometown in Southern California. This location made the filming process even more special for Wright, who moved to Nashville four years ago and currently resides there. 

“Filming in my home state meant so much to me,” Wright told us. “This song is super vulnerable so I really wanted to show pieces of who I am with the visuals. Every person in the video is a friend. My best friend since kindergarten is actually in the snowboard parking lot scene! And the director, Grant Gadbois did an incredible job of capturing the emotion and aesthetic that ‘Vice’ is all about.”

The video concludes with Wright’s character seemingly happy, but as soon as her “Vice” walks away, the smile fades into a sad reality of what she’s truly feeling inside. This scene depicts what it’s like to keep forgiving that person through all the bad, but in the end, her happiness is left on a decline.

Wright is currently working on a new EP and expressed her enthusiasm for this next chapter in her career. She revealed that the tracks will be well-suited for both the carefree days and the hard days.

“I am so excited about my EP, I cannot even believe it! I really feel like every song really will show the world exactly who Claire Wright is. My hope listening to this EP is that you get to know me while also feeling understood, yourself. There’s songs for drinkin’ beer on the beach and songs for rolling the windows down and crying while you drive. It’s gonna be a good one, guys!”

Click above to watch the brand new music video for “Vice.” 

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