Exclusive Premiere: Grace Tyler Shares Video For New Track ‘Jesus in a Bar’

Here’s a first look at Grace Tyler’s new music video.


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August 24, 2023

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Grace Tyler; Photo By Harry Tyler

Grace Tyler gives listeners a new perspective on the bar scene with her brand new song, “Jesus in a Bar.” To coincide with the release, she is debuting the music video for the track with readers of Country Now first in this exclusive premiere. 

A thought-provoking country ballad, “Jesus in a Bar” has Tyler singing about finding her faith and connecting with her spirituality in the most unexpected of places – a watering hole. She spots patrons and workers who are just as kind and good-natured as the people who flock to the church. Throughout the tune, Tyler relays a message that it takes a simple observation to find the good in people when you’re in a room full of revelers. 


They say a place like this will make you unholy / But up til now I haven’t looked this closely,” Tyler sings at the end of a verse before pointing out the good samaritans she has come across in the chorus. “It’s the girl in the bathroom sharing her lipstick and good advice / It’s the bartender listening to all the sins you regret tonight / It’s a stranger calling you a ride home when you’ve had too much to drink / Yeah it makes you think / If you look past the sinners, the smoke, and broken hearts / You can always find Jesus in a bar.” 

Tyler wrote “Jesus in a Bar” alongside Sam Blasko and Rachel Laren. While opening up about the track, she told Country Now that the idea for the song sparked through a deep conversation she had with her collaborators.

Grace Tyler; Photo By Harry Tyler
Grace Tyler; Photo By Harry Tyler

“Rachel came over to my house with the idea for the song, which was crazy because the idea I had brought was a faith idea too. We just got to talking about our faith and how critical some people can be,” she explained. “I’ve had some of the most impactful conversations about faith in places you would least expect them, and that’s what I think is so cool about God. He doesn’t just show himself on a Sunday morning. He shows himself through the actions of others. And the idea of it was if you can find Jesus at a bar, then you can really find him anywhere.”

Filmed at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar

The accompanying video for “Jesus in a Bar ” was directed by Jeff Johnson and shot at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar on Lower Broadway in Nashville, Tenn. In the clip, Tyler sings the lyrics in an empty room while seated on a bar stool. The black and white visual transitions into full color during the chorus, where viewers will notice the bar has become packed. Of note, Tyler met her real-life best friend at a bar, and a special moment of the video takes place toward the end of the clip, where she highlights that first-time meet with her bestie. 

Grace Tyler; Photo By Harry Tyler
Grace Tyler; Photo By Harry Tyler

“One of my favorite scenes from the video was actually a last-minute idea. I met my best friend in the girl’s bathroom and wanted to capture the image of the line ‘It’s the girl in the bathroom sharing her lipstick and good advice’ in the video,” Tyler expressed, sharing the backstory of the moment in the video. “My friend was the brunette in that shot, and it felt like such a full-circle moment that I’m really happy we were able to capture.”  

“I was so excited to get to work with Jeff Johnson on the “Jesus in a Bar” video. Jeff has the special ability to bring a song to life just how I envisioned it,” she added of the music video. “It is so fun to work with him because he is always focused on making my vision come to life, and he did just that.”

“Jesus in a Bar” is the follow-up to Tyler’s previous releases, “Sound of You Gone” and “Warning Label.” Tyler, who has recently opened for Michael Ray and LOCASH, has a line of shows in the books, which can be seen in the Instagram post below.

“On the road again!!” she captioned alongside the promo image that shows some of the concerts she has coming up. 

For a complete listing of tour dates, visit Grace Tyler’s official website here.

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