Exclusive Premiere: Matt Stell Debuts Live Performance Of ‘I Love You Too’

Matt Stell; Photo by Dustin Haney
Matt Stell; Photo by Dustin Haney
Matt Stell; Photo by Dustin Haney

Just weeks after earning his second consecutive country radio chart-topper with “Everywhere But On,” Matt Stell is diving a little deeper into his Better Than That EP with the release of a live performance of the track “I Love You Too.”

Premierely exclusively on Country Now, the clip features Stell alongside two members of his band serving up a stripped down version of the song.

“I Love You Too” is one of eight tracks on the recently released EP and tells the story of a relationship that is clearly one sided. Stell plays the role of the narrator who recognizes that his friend’s partner is not treating her the way she deserves to be treated. It’s an all-too-real situation that many can relate to, including Stell.

“I bet he ain’t ever noticed that dress/ And you pretend like you don’t care/ I bet when you’re out talkin’ with him/ You wonder if he’s even there/ And I bet you wish it was different but/ Somehow you’ve learned to adjust/ Girl, since when is good been good enough,” the Arkansas native croons on the first verse.

Stell, who co-wrote “I Love You Too” alongside Seth Alley and Ryan Peterson, admits the song’s message strikes a chord with him.

“I was talking to a songwriter friend of mine, Seth Alley, about relationships one day when we were writing. He brought up that the night before he had a conversation with his then girlfriend (now his wife) about saying I love you. The last thing she said was, ‘you only say I love you too,'” Stell recalls.

“That hit me hard because I have been in that same position with relationships,” he goes to say. “After realizing more people could connect to that moment in life, we tried to find a way to tell that story in a song. It hit closer to home than I wanted it to, to be honest.”

Click above to watch Matt Stell’s live performance of “I Love You Too.”

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