Exclusive Premiere: Nate Botsford Throws a Party On His ‘Luxury Float’ In New Music Video

Portland-based country singer Nate Botsford just dropped the new music video for his upbeat summer anthem “Luxury Float,” and he’s…


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August 20, 2019


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Nate Botsford; Photo Courtesy the Artist

Portland-based country singer Nate Botsford just dropped the new music video for his upbeat summer anthem “Luxury Float,” and he’s sharing it first with Country Now readers in this exclusive premiere.

In this light-hearted clip, Botsford spends an afternoon partying out on the water. But he doesn’t need a jet ski or a pontoon to have a good time. Instead, he is seen relaxing under the hot sun on a tricked-out queen-sized air mattress fully equipped with a stereo, ice-cold beer and a cooler. The popular hashtag #blessed is also hand-markered along the sides of the improvised boat for good measure.

Botsford’s good pal and fellow songwriter, Cary Samsel, also makes a cameo in select scenes of the video. He mouths out the song’s catchy hook while sliding down a water slide and lugging around a squirt gun. In the final sequence, Botsford is shown getting tugged into the water by a boat rope, which provides a fitting finale to the entertaining display.

Botsford recently opened up about the video to Country Now saying, “I had this idea of this guy just living his best life on the worst floating situation. But he wants to fit in, and he wants to be like everybody else. So he’s like, ‘I’ll just have a boat tow my mattress like it would a tube,’ but because of the size of the mattress, it wouldn’t work. So I thought it would just be a fun end scene to try it sitting in a wakeboard position. Then the thing just yanks me off.”

“It was one of the most fun video shoots I’ve ever been apart of,” he continued. “We were all able to just be ourselves and be goofy. I love being on the water. It’s one of my happiest places on earth, whether it’s a boat or a tube or anything. It was a fun process – especially watching people nearby trying to figure out what we were doing with this big queen-sized mattress.”

“Luxury Float,” which Botsford penned alongside Samsel and Justin Klump, was released on July 5. Botsford said the tune unraveled during a writing session at a rented house in Southern Oregon.

“We spent four days just writing all day long in different groups,” he explained. “We had been writing a bunch of serious songs all week and had this concept of this poor man’s experience on the river. It just all came together so naturally. It wasn’t difficult to come up with ideas. So we ended up writing the song. Then one of us just mumbled ‘Luxury Float’ at some point during the process, and we all just looked at each other and were like, ‘That’s it! That’s the name of the song.’”

Botsford, a 2015 Project Aloft songwriting competition winner, credits Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and his big-band pianist grandfather, as some of his influences. Thus far, he has shared the stage with some incredible names in country music, including Old Dominion, LoCash, and Brett Young.

“Luxury Float” follows Botsford’s emotional single, “Tiny Little Voices.” Both songs are expected to appear on his forthcoming album, due out in the fall. In the meantime, fans can find Botsford out on the road performing shows throughout the rest of the summer.

For more information about Nate Botsford, fans can visit his official website.

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