Exclusive Premiere: Sister Duo, Walker County Brings “Drag It Out” To Life In Intimate New Live Performance Video

Tucked away in a small town in Indiana, there were once two aspiring artists with high hopes to move to…


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September 27, 2021


10:59 am

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Photo Courtesy Walker County

Tucked away in a small town in Indiana, there were once two aspiring artists with high hopes to move to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a career in country music – the two dreamers were Ivy Dene and Sophie Dawn.

In the middle of America, their musically oriented father raised the girls on Dwight Yoakam, Lynyrd Skynyrd, gospel, and even taught them the rich history of bluegrass. After honing in on their artistry and pulling inspiration from their unique upbringing, they developed a fresh sound that is rare in the country music space.

Their blend of traditional country with rock & roll elements quickly received praise from music-goers alike. Therefore, the sister duo decided to make their dream into a reality to focus on music full-time. So, they packed their bags and went straight to Broadway to rule the electric street with their chilling harmonies and fresh take on country.

Now, the girls are known as Walker County – the fierce family ensemble that is not afraid to test the boundaries of country music. With Ivy on vocals, Sophie dominating the drums, and father on lead guitar, the group scored a record deal with Warner Music Nashville.

Since then, Walker County has become a part of CMT’s “Next Women of Country” class, accumulated over two million streams on Spotify, shared the stage with notable names in the industry, including – Dwight Yoakam, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, and Martina McBride, Old Dominion, and made their national TV debut on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

With their supportive fan base behind them, the ladies continue to generate premium content. Following their pop-country track “Bits & Pieces,” Ivy and Sophie decided to deliver their listeners an up-close and personal performance of their 2020 smash-hit “Drag It Out.”

YouTube video

Dressed to the nines, the two ladies take center stage under the spotlight to perform the vulnerable piece. “We had an amazing time filming the live performance video for “Drag it Out!” Says Ivy during an exclusive Country Now interview.

“Ivy and I wrote this song with two incredible writers, David Garcia and Shane McAnally. It comes from a very raw and real place, so it was important to us that we capture the true emotion of the song live, and I think we just that!,” she adds.

The ballad is all about not “dragging out” a toxic relationship and going through heartbreak. The two paint the picture on stage with an acoustic guitar and a white, glistening drum set. With a neon blue light hovering over the two singers – the duo does not offer any other distractions. The simple setting allows music enthusiasts to decode the heavy story behind the emotional-driven melody.

Country music enthusiasts have the opportunity to see “Drag It Out” live and in person, as the unstoppable duo is currently out on tour with Old Dominion and Scotty McCreery until December 11 in St. Augustine, Florida. Tickets are now available here.

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