Exclusive Premiere: The Band Loula Shares Music Video For ‘If I Never Stayed The Night’

The “slow, southern love ballad” comes to life in the new video.


Madeleine O’Connell

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September 29, 2023


10:00 am

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The Band Loula; Photo by SK Mills

Malachi Mills and Logan Simmons of the budding country/folk band, The Band Loula, dropped a brand-new music video for their song, “If I Never Stayed The Night.”

Hailing from North, GA, the longtime friends showcase their seamless harmonies and poetic storytelling throughout the enchanting song that’s told from the perspective of two lovers leaning into their undeniable chemistry. 

Inspired By Real-Life Experiences

Simmons dubbed the tune their “Tennessee Whiskey” and explained that the idea was pulled from one of his real-life experiences. 

“That slow, southern love ballad that gets stuck in your mind on repeat. It was inspired by a funny story at the very beginning of becoming friends with my now-boyfriend, and this song spells out my emotions so beautifully & smoothly,” Simmons told Country Now.

The powerful narrative penned by the band with Gary Nichols and Jared Przybysz comes to life in a just-released music video directed by the duo themselves. Filmed inside The Paper House in Nashville, TN, the video finds The Band Loula in a dimly lit room that breathes the essence of nostalgia with its charming mid-century décor.

The Band Loula; Photo by SK Mills
The Band Loula; Photo by SK Mills

Viewers see the clips flip between scenes of Simmons belting out the song while sitting in front of an elegant vanity mirror and the pair uniting in the corner of a room to sing together as Mills strums his guitar. 

“It’s a simple but tasteful visual that captures the essence of the song, while letting the listener create their own narrative,” Mills said of the music video.


YouTube video

The songstress can be heard taking the lead on the opening verse, letting her illuminating vocals be the guide as her character reflects on making the first move with the guy who she explains was “too shy” in the beginning. 

“Never should’ve lied so I could see you / it was the only way that I could get you alone / Oh I had you on my mind for a long time / no business being in Carolina / I just needed to know the man / behind those lonesome eyes / You wanted me too, but you were too shy,” she sings. 

Once the romance-filled chorus hits, Mills joins in, lacing his raspy vocals with his bandmate to create a dreamy listening experience. Together, they bring the song to the current stage of their relationship that has gone from just a hopeful thought to a now deep, lifelong connection.

“Want you to take me with a slow and steady hand / Love me like a warm and tender man / If it hadn’t worked out like I planned  / I’d still be waiting  / Now that I have you here / I want to hold you for 100 years  / I never would’ve known love / If I never stayed the night,” they deliver on the chorus. 

The Band Loula; Photo by SK Mills
The Band Loula; Photo by SK Mills

“If I Never Stayed The Night” follows a string of releases from the band including two of their latest tunes, “Gettin’ Clean” and “Gasoline” as well as their debut single turned fan-favorite, “My Mama Likes You.”

Serving as their introduction to fans, “My Mama Likes You” illustrates a typical lover’s quarrel backed by the heartfelt truth that even when they get frustrated with each other’s quirks, they still vow to love each other forever. Plus, as the title reveals, these “bumps in the road” always seem to be overlooked by Mama who continues to see the good in each of the partners. 

“My mama still likes you / Even when I don’t / So you always got that fact / To fall right back on / And the apple don’t fall far from the tree / So I’ll come around eventually / I’ll love you forever you know it’s true / But when I don’t / My mama likes you,” they deliver on the chorus.

Singing With Universal Music Publishing Group

Most recently, the band made the move to Nashville and inked a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group, marking the next step in their rising artistry. 

Taking to Instagram on June 1, the pair shared the good news with a gratitude-filled caption that read, “In the past 5 weeks, our dream grew legs. The Band Loula has officially been signed by Universal, and we’re now Nashville residents….😭🎉”

They went on to explain that this milestone moment proves to them that their music holds a powerful weight in the music industry and that this new opportunity allows them to showcase their work to an even bigger audience. 

“Surreal doesn’t cut it. We’ve believed in our songs all along, but are BEYOND grateful for Universal Music Publishing Group and the incredible Ron Stuve for the opportunity to put wings on our music careers,” they added. 

The Band Loula has already gained a strong following in their hometown and beyond as a result of their unique sound that blends traditional country/folk with a Modern Indie feel.

They currently have two upcoming shows on the books. The band will perform in Gainesville, GA on October 12, followed by Decatur, GA on November 19. 

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