Gabby Barrett Debuts Emotional Video For ‘The Good Ones’

Grab the tissues because Gabby Barrett’s music video for her song “The Good Ones” was just released and it’s probably going to make you cry.

The cinematic clip opens with shots of a man who appears to be building something near a barn. The story then shifts to focus on him and his budding relationship with his female companion. Their love story begins to unfold in front of the eyes of viewers as adorable clips of them taking a swim, watching old home videos and going to the grocery store are shown.

A little more than halfway through the music video, it’s revealed that the female is missing part of her legs and is bound to a wheelchair. The story continues to unfold as viewers finally see what he was working on at the beginning of the clip – a harness to help hold her up so they can finally share a dance together. Cue the tears.

The music video is undeniably sweet and fits the song perfectly. It closes with a shot of Barrett and her fiancé Cade Foehner, which is fitting as he was the inspiration behind the romantic track and its sweet lyrics.

“When people ask me about Cade, how he’s doing or how we’re doing, I always end up saying, “oh he’s great, he’s a keeper, he’s a good one.” That’s where the song came from – appreciating what I’ve got and what he means to me,” she previously shared of the song.

Check out the video for “The Good Ones” above. The clip was directed by Brian Vaughn and Taylor Kelly and shot in Nashville.

“The Good Ones” was co-written by Barrett alongside Emily Landis, Jim McCormick and Zachary Kale. It’s available everywhere now.

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