Gavin Adcock Faces Consequences of ‘Past Actions’ In New Song Release

Adcock is a football player-turned singer/songwriter who is quickly making a name for himself in country music.


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 9, 2024


4:51 pm

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Gavin Adcock; Photo Courtesy of Red Light Management

Singer/songwriter Gavin Adcock is turning heads with his newest release, “Past Actions.”

What Is “Past Actions” About?

Co-penned by the 25-year-old Georgia native and Jack Rauton, the new tune offers up a life lesson about former wrongdoings coming back to haunt you in the present. Adcock’s vocals stand up loud as he lends his perspective to the mistakes of his past that appear to have tarnished his relationship with the woman he loves. While he longs for her to be able to forgive him, Adcock’s raw illustration of heartbreak makes it clear he knows there’s no going back to correct what he’s done. 

“What I’d do for you to forget my past actions/ Yeah baby, just maybe I’ve just been living wrong/ Can’t turn back, can’t turn back/ Staring down at the bottom of my glass/ You won’t look me in the eye anymore,” Adcock sings on the chorus. 

Gavin Adcock; Past Actions
Gavin Adcock; Past Actions

As the song continues, his frustration with himself increases alongside heaving-hitting drumbeats and scorching guitar licks. By the next verse, he’s come to terms with the fact that he knows he messed up by thinking that there was someone better out there for him and now, he’s willing to do almost anything to get her back. 

He sings, “Yeah, this bed I made it, I’ll tell you how I hate it/ Yeah, them girls didn’t love me like I thought they would/ It’s a closed case, it’s a lost race/ Half a river right in front of my face/ I won’t get that chance again anymore.”


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Gaining Fans Approval

Upon release, fans instantly took to the comment section of his social media platforms to share their approval. Some even admitted to waiting up late to make sure they were among the first to listen to the new track.

“Stayed up all night to listen to this banger. One hell of a song Gavin,” one user wrote.

“you never miss, Gavin 😫,” said another.

Based on his recent posts, fans are also hopeful that a music video for “Past Actions” will drop in the near future.

Racked Up 150 Million Streams And Counting

Since leaving his football playing days behind as a result of a devastating injury in 2021, the former Georgia Southern University student has begun to pour all of his time and focus into building his music career. He’s already shown great promise in this new chapter as his growing collection of singles released have already racked up over 150 million streams.

“Past Actions” comes hot on the heels of the growing success of his November release, “A Cigarette” as well as his other recent drop, “Four Leaf Clover,” which has also been picking up traction among his listeners. 

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The Honest Story Behind “A Cigarette”

Penned solely by Adcock, “A Cigarette” is a slow burning tune that breathes nothing but honesty as he dreams of being back with the person he loves, instead of spending his days working away towards fulfilling his dreams.

He sings, “Caffeine, nicotine/ Fueling all my crazy dreams and/ I’ve had a couple times, I lit one up and said I was fine/ But I wish I was laying in a queen sized bed with you/ But right now a cigarette will do/ But a cigarette can’t fill the void of you.”


Fueling all my crazy dreams

♬ original sound – GavinAdcockMusic

Even though the couple is apart, she remains the one thing on his mind that keeps him feeling blessed. 

“If I die tonight and I don’t see the morning light yeah/ I’d thank the Lord greatly for just letting you be my baby/ Every single day feels so damn new/ And girl, there ain’t no doubt that I love you,” he delivers with a tinge of pain in his voice. 

This tune struck a chord with fans and has now racked up now over 16 million streams since it’s release. 

On The Road In 2024

With more new music in the works, Gavin Adcock is bringing his music to stages across the country with headline dates and major festival appearances scheduled throughout the year. 

His next performance is scheduled to take place at The Jolly Fox in Huntsville, TX on Friday, March 29. 

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