Hear a Sneak Peek of Kenny Chesney’s New Single, ‘Here and Now’

After teasing that new music was finally on the way, Kenny Chesney just announced his next single. Arriving February 21,…


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February 6, 2020

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Kenny Chesney; Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for dcp

After teasing that new music was finally on the way, Kenny Chesney just announced his next single. Arriving February 21, “Here and Now” is the lead release from the superstar’s forthcoming studio album.

The song reminds listeners to live in the moment and stop waiting around for life to happen.

“Lotta people dreaming ‘bout one day, someday / Waiting just around the bend / I used to be one / Wondering when they’d come, but now I’m living in…” the eight-time Entertainer of the Year sings before diving into the song’s chorus.

“This song kind of blew my mind,” Chesney shared in a statement. “The chorus is everything I feel about my time on stage with No Shoes Nation…the rush of it absolutely being the best place, best moment in the entire world. There’s no rush like it.”


“But what really got me was the way the song puts everybody on notice,” he continued. “It says everything about how we all put off living our lives because there’s so much other stuff to do. Only thing is, that’s exactly how you miss everything that matters! It’s not the big stuff that gets you laughing or breaks the bad momentum, it’s what’s right here if you’ll bother to dial in and really feel it.”

According to a press release, “Here and Now” was written after the East Tennessee native phoned a few of his songwriting buddies – Craig Wiseman, David Garcia and David Lee Murphy – and asked them to join him in California for a hang. Not to crank out songs, but to enjoy each other’s company, drink a few beers and reminiscence on the old times. When they returned to their Malibu home, the song was born.

“When I heard it, it was everything we’d been talking about,” Chesney said. “The melody, the rhythm felt like what the song was made of. That line, ‘Everybody’s waiting, but they’re waiting on what? Better get to living, because all we’ve got is…here and now…’ That is the whole deal in two lines. Your life is now, get after it.”

With its live-in-the-moment message, “Here and Now” will undoubtedly be a staple in Chesney’s set list during his upcoming Chillaxification 2020 Tour, kicking off April 18 in Arlington, Texas.

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