Honey County Shares Nostalgic ‘Got It From My Mama’ Music Video

Country duo Honey County – comprised of Dani Rose and Sofie Lynn – recently released the music video for their track, “Got…


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May 31, 2022

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Honey County; Photo by Jade Lorna

Country duo Honey County – comprised of Dani Rose and Sofie Lynn – recently released the music video for their track, “Got It From My Mama.”

Full of nostalgia and southern charm, the video was directed by Grayson Welch and was steered by award-winning executive producer TK McKamy.

“We wrote this song because we wanted something special and unique for our moms for Mother’s Day. Every single detail in the song is specific to us, from matching tattoos to being able to hold liquor like our sisters,” Honey County expressed to Country Living. Rose added, “Just like the song, the video was all about the details.”

Accumulating hundreds of thousands streams on Spotify and Apple, as well as over 46 million views on TikTok, “Got It From My Mama” has received an outpour of positive attention. Between fan-generated videos and hundreds of thousand views on the song’s lyric video on YouTube, the duo credits their homegrown roots for helping build their fanbase.


With thought and vision going into the process of filming, Honey County was sure to personalize the video. The CD tree that is shown at the end of the video has photos of their moms along with those who helped make their music video possible. The video also showcases Rose and Lynn’s unique styles, including vintage jewelry pieces from Lynn’s grandmother and Rose’s mother’s initials on one of the necklaces she’s wearing. Maranda Nichols Persico, the costume designer, was sure to add meaningful pieces to the wardrobe. 

Click above to watch the “Got It From My Mama” music video.

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