How Fatherhood Inspired Drew Green To Write His Heartfelt New Track, ‘Good Ol’ Man’

Being a parent and having a full-time job is a balancing act all on its own, but throw late nights…


Madeleine O’Connell

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February 25, 2022


11:35 am

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Drew Green; Photo by Angelea Presti

Being a parent and having a full-time job is a balancing act all on its own, but throw late nights and having to be gone for days on end into the mix, and life starts to weigh in. When country artist on the rise Drew Green is away from his wife Bethany and their two kids Ruby and Levi for too long, he finds himself wondering, “it is worth it?” In his latest song, “Good Ol’ Man,” Green dives into what it means to be a good father and how to serve as a role model to your kids, something he is trying to do himself.  

When he started his music career, it was all late nights, drinking, partying and having a carefree time…until reality struck. With his wife working hard as a nurse practitioner, and him not being around much to help out, something had to change as they started to grow their family. “Good Ol’ Man” directly focuses on the “ideal” father-son relationship that Green and many others strive to have.

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“It was really hard not to put momma in there, but it’s a song for a dad and his son. There’s not many of those because moms are so important and she is, but it was cool to have a song that’s just about dad and his feelings,” Green told Country Now from his home studio. “The song honestly came from me. I grew up in a honky tonk singing, so I was drinking and partying every night until three in the morning…we got kids and here I am playing in honky tonks and getting wild every night and then going on the road. That’s where my inspiration for the song came from, like I’ve got to be a dad now.”

It isn’t always an easy switch, going from having no kids and less responsibilities to never wanting to miss out on important moments with the little ones who grow up so fast. Fortunately, Green has a lot of support from his wife and together, they have found a way to make things work, as best they can. 

“Sometimes part of me wonders if this is the right career move. Is it worth missing part of their lives? Will it be beneficial to them in the long run? But it’s been going good, we’re happy,” Green shared. 


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He might not be the perfect father, but who is? When sharing some advice he’s learned from personal experience, Green said, “you’re gonna mess up, it’s trial and error all the time.”

“I have a wonderful wife who lets me do this for a living and be gone for days and be obsessed with my job. It’s hard, it’s work just like everything else,” he admitted. “When I come home I can’t go to bed, I’ve got to be here. That’s the number one thing I’ll say – if you’re gonna do it and chase the dream and be gone all the time doing what you love, when you come home it’s not time to rest, it’s time to be a part of something else you love. It’s tough being gone.”

Since Green has started teasing the song on social media, he’s finding that many others can also relate to the message that he sings about, especially to one line in particular. Because of those words, he’s getting hundreds of messages from listeners who want to share the impact the song has had on their lives even before the song was released. 

“It’s awesome…the line ‘imma need to be a little better if he’s gonna wanna be like me’ really reached out to everybody in so many different lights with crazy stories, which I was not expecting.”


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The chorus, “Just a good ole boy trying to be a good ole man” was pulled from a different song that didn’t work out at the time. The original song he had written was completely scraped, except for that line because it really struck a chord with Green.

“I knew the minute we wrote the song that it was very special and my son was one at the time so it was personal to me. I’m so pumped to get to put it out,” Green said with great pride. “It was one of those ideas where, I can’t believe it ain’t been done yet. I ain’t played it nowhere, I ain’t showed nobody, I’m just scared that someone’ll do it before me. So I’m really glad we get to put it out.”

Through his two-part EP journey, with Dirt Boy Vol. 1 and Dirt Boy Vol. 2 and his most recent release “Good Ol’ Man,” Green shows himself in his truest form, a boy from McMinnville, Tenn. who spent most of his life working on the farm. With his upcoming releases, things might sound a bit different that what his fans are used to, but in the best way.

He recently finished up his gig as opener on Mitchell Tenpenny’s To Us It Did Tour and he hopes to get back on the road soon to play some live music, meet new people and explore new places. 

“I had never been to Chicago, I had never been to New York, Milwaukee, Ohio, I had never been anywhere north of Kentucky to be honest,” he recalled. “Everywhere we went was new to me and it was awesome.” 

At the end of the night, Green feels “blessed and humbled” to have come so far in his career already, but at the end of the day, he knows he will always be going back home to be the best dad he can be. 

“I started playing in the honky tonks and not a lot of people get out of there, so I’m grateful.”

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