How Luke Combs’ Childhood Inspired His Eric Church Collab, ‘Does To Me’

Luke Combs; Photo by Jim Wright
Luke Combs; Photo by Jim Wright
Luke Combs; Photo by Jim Wright

For the second consecutive week, Luke Combs’ new single, “Does To Me,” a duet with fellow country superstar Eric Church, has reigned as the most-added song at country radio. The sentimental song finds the pair celebrating life’s little moments and is sure to be a massive hit.

During a recent interview with his record label, Combs recalled the day he wrote “Does To Me” alongside Tyler Reeve and Ray Fulcher and explained how his upbringing influenced the song.

“Man, it was a fun song,” he recalled of the day it came together.

He went on to explain how his “really regular childhood” had an impact on the song.

“My parents have been married for 30-something-odd years. We always had enough to eat and a roof over our head, but that definitely doesn’t mean that my parents weren’t struggling for money,” he explained. “They just did a really good job of living within their means and being the parents that they should be. And so we kind of used that sentiment of like- The song is a lot of really run-of-the-mill things that aren’t really exciting to anybody other than yourself, and things that I guess the world doesn’t think of as like really awesome achievements.”

“But,” he continued, “They’re still things that you should be proud of and things that you should be able to say with confidence and say, ‘Hey, I did that. Maybe it’s not winning the gold medal at the Olympics, but I’m proud of it. I’m proud that I did that, and it might not mean anything to anybody else but it means something to me.'”

As for collaborating with Church on the track, Combs said he was “an obvious choice” when looking for someone to sing it with.

“Not only does I feel like it fits his writing style, but also his mentality, his approach to music, I think it was just a really good fit,” Combs explained.

“Does To Me” appears on Combs’ 17-track sophomore album, What You See Is What You GetCombs and Church will hopefully have a chance to sing the song live together this summer as they are currently slated to perform at a number of country music festivals together.

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