Ian Munsick Drops New Song, ‘River Run,’ Reveals Plans To Release Sophomore Album, ‘White Buffalo’

Munsick says his home state of Wyoming heavily influenced his next project.


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January 13, 2023


9:35 am

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Ian Munsick; Photo by Christopher Douglas

Ian Munsick unveiled plans to release his full-length sophomore album, White Buffalo, on April 7. To celebrate the announcement, the buzzed-about newcomer released another installation of the project titled, “River Run.”

The forthcoming 18-track project gives a clear insight into Munsick’s Wyoming upbringing and the respect he has wholeheartedly established for the serene state. Sitting down with Country Now, the 2023 Country Now Artist To Watch detailed how the culmination of the last three years has inspired him to further preach his pride for the mountaintops through his patient tones and idyllic themes. 

Ian Munsick – White Buffalo

“Obviously, I love Wyoming with all of my heart, and there’s secrets to Wyoming and the whole Rocky Mountain region that don’t get explained or revealed in pop culture. I think that Yellowstone has obviously brought a lot of light into that, but that’s a Hollywood version of that way of life. So, I’m trying to bring real experiences and real influences from that part of the country in this next album.”

Listeners will experience a whole new level of escapism and gain a true understanding of what life is like in the Rocky Mountains as if they are really seeing the land with their own eyes. Through Munsick’s featured songs like “River Run,” and the title track, “White Buffalo,” he dives into the true beauty that many never get to fully explore.

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“It’s a pain to get there and it’s a pain to get out of there. So people that are from there hardly ever leave, and people who wanna go there usually only go there like once or twice in their lives. And they usually go to Yellowstone or Jackson Hole, which you’re kind of to getting the experience, but the real experience is the people and the way of life around those regions,” Munsick explained. 

Penned alongside Jeremy Spillman and Ryan Beaver, his latest song, “River Run,” once again exposes his distinctive tenor and Rocky Mountain twang as his spirit transports back to his favorite place, Tongue River. The charm of the wide-open land leads the freeing tune and delivers a dreamy state of total tranquility.

“I think that people who have been there, I think that’s why they’re drawn to my music is because I try and capture that region and the people that are from there,” he continued. “I think they appreciate it because they know that there’s somebody out there who’s helping represent where they’re from in country music.”

Munsick explained that “White Buffalo” was chosen as the title of the collection because of the meaning and deep symmetry it holds.

“That comes from a Native American symbol for good things to come and rebirth,” he shared. “Where I’m from, ranchers, the Cowboys, Native Americans, they all live the same lifestyle, they live off the land, they live with the land, and they all respect it. That’s why I think that it’s the perfect to title, because it’s a sign of good things to come, but also an evolution in my artistry and trying to pay homage to the traditions of the Western way of life.”

Ian Munsick also teased that he plans to give fans a preview of the new music during his upcoming Long Live Cowgirls Tour. In addition, his set list is likely to feature songs including the upbeat jam “Cowboy Killer,” the recently-released “Horses & Weed,” the faith-driven “More Than Me,”  and his collaboration with Cody Johnson that inspired the name of the tour, “Long Live Cowgirls.”

“We’ll probably sneak in some brand new tunes from the new album. That’s also gonna be the coming out the first half of 2023,” he shared.

Ian Munsick; Photo by Chris Douglas
Ian Munsick; Photo by Chris Douglas

“Long Live Cowgirls,” which will be featured on his upcoming album, has seen great success since its release. It has accumulated 62 million global streams without traditional radio airplay and continues to capture the hearts of country music fans everywhere for its wholesome tune.  

“‘Long Live Cowgirls’ is more than just a song. It’s an ode to a lifestyle that, until recently, has been a mystery to the masses,” Munsick stated in a release. “Those who have chosen to live the vigorous, unglamorous, western way of life are rarely recognized for it. In fact, that’s usually why they choose to live that way. Miles away from the burdens of modern society with only the natural world to give them praise. I think country music listeners resonate with that. They’re either living that life, or want to live that life.”

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The “More Than Me” singer spent 2022 touring alongside both Cody Johnson and Morgan Wallen, but now he will have the chance to stand on his own as a headliner. He will be accompanied by Ashland Craft, who he dubs an “incredible artist.” 

“She’s gonna be kicking it off every night, which I’m excited with about cause she brings a whole new flair of country music to the show. So that’s gonna be awesome,” he told Country Now before adding, “A lot of these places on the long-lived cowgirls to tour, we’ve never played. So they’re gonna be brand new, uncharted to territory.”

Ian Munsick’s tour is set to kick off on January 20 at the legendary Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, TX and hit different cities throughout the Midwest and Southeast before wrapping up the first leg of the tour Atlanta, GA on March 16.

His forthcoming album is now available for pre-order now

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