Is the Mallard On ‘The Masked Singer’ a Country Superstar — Or Willie Robertson?

The Masked Singer is back in full swing and viewers are convinced that the man behind the mallard mask is…


Lauren Jo Black

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November 3, 2021

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The Masked Singer Mallard 1

The Masked Singer is back in full swing and viewers are convinced that the man behind the mallard mask is a Duck Dynasty star, however, the judges believe he’s a country superstar. 

Several clues about the man behind the mask were revealed prior to his first appearance on the show as he confessed, “I may be living the high life, best-selling book, Platinum album but that was not always the case.” 

He went on to reference his childhood and how he grew up.

“I guess growing up the way we did, you’re always hustling. One of my first businesses was selling worms, and then I found the human jukebox on the school bus. Now, here’s the way the human jukebox works, you got to put a quarter in the armpit, and then I can sing,” he joked. “The girls really like the entertainer on the bus. So in my mind tonight, I’m still that kid on the school bus just singing for a quarter.” 

Other clues about the mystery man in the mallard costume were a brown boot, a sign that read, “The Magnificent Mallard, He Ain’t No Quack,” a buck, a horse carriage, an apple and sweet tea. 

It was also revealed that he met his wife in fourth grade. 

The mallard first took the stage to sing Big & Rich’s “Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy).” After his performance, the judges were convinced he was a popular country singer. 

“Oh my gosh, that was unbelievable! I think you’re a huge country star, an iconic legend,” Jenny McCarthy said. She later added, “Jason Aldean, Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Lyle Lovett, Kenny Chesney…” 

“I’ll double down, Brad Paisley, Sam Hunt, Dierks Bentley” Nicole Scherzinger guessed.

Robin Thicke, who admitted he was “having fun” with this contestant, said he believed the person behind the mask was a “country singer, very famous, Alan Jackson.” 

However, he later changed his mind. “Good place to start, but then the wheels start turning, and I’m thinkin’ Chris Pratt, friendships, who’s at the point of their career where they can do anything they want and just enjoy themselves… Garth Brooks?” 

“I don’t know country music, but I am a big fan of Billy Ray Cyrus,” Ken Jeong added. “Billy Ray Cyrus is from Kentucky, Carriage in clues, ‘Old Town Road’…”

On Wednesday evening, The Masked Singer returned with yet another country performance from the mysterious mallard. 

Additional clues were revealed throughout the episode, including a whale on a dish, a crown, an allen key, and a photo of Abraham Lincoln. 

It was also revealed that the man in the mallard costume is friends with country superstar Luke Bryan and that he once forgot the words to “Play Something Country” while at one of Luke’s concerts when he asked him to join him on stage.

After another set of clues was revealed, fans were convinced they knew who the mystery man was. 

“One thing this duck is thankful for is family. In fact, I rose to fame as part of a pretty famous one. Sometimes family has its challenges, I’ve met scrutiny over stuff my family members said. But no matter how much we disagree, you still got to get together at the end of the day and have a gold old supper together and always remember that there’s probably more things about each other that we’re alike than we are different.” 

The mallard took to the stage for a performance of Brooks & Dunn’s “Play Something Country,” and dedicated his performance to his dear friend. 

“Luke, this one’s for you,” he said. 

The man in the mallard costume brought all the honky tonk vibes as he was surrounded by neon lights as well as a dancer adorned with rubber ducks.

After these clues were revealed on Wednesday, many fans of the show flocked to social media proclaiming that Willie Robertson, former star of Duck Dynasty and current star of Buck Commander and Duck Commander, is behind the mallard mask. 

“Mallard is clearly @williebosshog, the duck costume, friends with @lukebryan, famous family, and free willy clue Willie Robertson can sing also #TheMaskedSinger,” one viewer tweeted

Another viewer added, “The Mallard is Willie Robertson!!  He is friends with Luke Bryan and the dinner plate had a whale on it for “Free Willie”!!! I know I’m right!!”

The judges, however, were still convinced the mystery singer was a country superstar. 

“It makes me think of… He’s like Hollywood royalty. Based off that package, we know he either grew up in a famous family or his family all kind of became famous or someone in the family did. The person I am thinking of does have a famous daughter, and tonight I felt like I heard a little bit of this guy’s voice… I hate to ever agree with Ken, but I think it might be Billy Ray Cyrus,” McCarthy said.

“Well, you know, I’m thinking about this famous family thing that Jenny’s also picking up on and there’s a very famous actor, who also has a country-rock band and has a very famous father who’s also an actor. And I’m thinking it might be somebody like Keifer Sutherland,” Thicke added. 

Scherzinger gave props to Thicke for his guess, but also had her own opinion. 

“So, I’m going to go off of that, and when I think of a royal family or a famous family, I think of my dear friends, The Osborne’s… I think it’d be so much fun if that was Jack Osborne, but it could be a country singer still,” she said. “I’ve been going off the country singer vibes, and how do I like my men? Big & Rich. That’s right, so I think this could be John Rich from Big & Rich.” 

Fans continued to share their guesses on social media and hundreds believe Willie Robertson will be revealed as the mallard.  

The Masked Singer returns next Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX. 

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