Jake Owen Debuts Cinematic ‘Homemade’ Music Video

Jake Owen, Homemade; Photo via YouTube
Jake Owen, Homemade; Photo via YouTube
Jake Owen, Homemade; Photo via YouTube

Jake Owen just released the music video for his latest single, “Homemade” and it’s practically a mini-movie.

Shot in Lynnville, Tennessee, the clip brings his grandparents’ incredible love story to life.

“I’m recreating the beautiful story of my grandparents who have been married for over 70 years,” the singer/songwriter previously explained of the music video. “My grandfather saw my grandmother in Mumfordville, KY walking down the street. He took a picture of the house she went into on his old camera and decided to write her letters in the 1940s.”

“They became pen pals,” he continued, “and next thing you know, their grandson is remaking a video of their beautiful love story 70 years later.”

“Homemade” is the third single from Owen’s latest album, Greetings from… Jake. Written by Bobby Pinson, Drew Parker, Jared Mullins and Ben Goldsmith, the song celebrates everything there is to love about growing up in small-town America.

“Home made me a love a dirt road/ Home made me crave some ice cold/ Homemade sweet tea only mama knows how to make, homemade/ Home made me love a small town/ Home made me wanna settle down/ In a home made for the two of us/ Everything I love is Homemade,” he sings throughout the chorus.

The music video, which brings the song and beautiful love story to life, ends with “to be continued,” so it seems there’s more to the story.

Watch the brand new clip above.

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