Jameson Rodgers Plays Hilarious Game of ‘Country Song or Country Wrong’

Jameson Rodgers may be the singer/songwriter behind such hits as “Some Girls” and “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” featuring Luke…


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August 9, 2021

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Jameson Rodgers; Photo by David Bradley

Jameson Rodgers may be the singer/songwriter behind such hits as “Some Girls” and “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” featuring Luke Combs. But that doesn’t mean he knows the title of every country song that’s ever been released. 

The country artist’s knowledge of country music songs was recently put to the test in a hilarious game of “Country Song or Country Wrong,” ahead of his Country Now Live show on the CTRL_Music_’s Twitch channel. Originally made famous on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the hysterical game puts players in the hot seat and challenges them to guess whether or not an unusual-sounding song title is real or made up.

In this exclusive clip, Rodgers is given a variety of both true and fake song titles like “My Tractor’s Greener Than Your Front Lawn,” “She Left Me At The Gas Pump,” and “May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose.” Rodgers got two of those tunes right, including the latter of the three – a novelty song from the ‘60s released by the late Little Jimmy Dickens.

Rodgers was also on point when he was asked about the song “Ticks,” notifying viewers that it’s Brad Paisley’s song. However, he did get stumped when it came to song titles like “You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly,” by country legends Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, and “Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart,” by legendary icon Johnny Cash.

“There’s no way that’s a song,” Rodgers said in surprise before realizing the title of “Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart” is a real song. “Don’t roll over in your grave, Johnny. I’m sorry!”

Click on the clip below to find out if Rodgers scored above-average points after playing “Country Song or Country Wrong”!

As previously shared, Rodgers has been riding high off his Platinum-certified No. 1 debut hit, “Some Girls.” His most recent collaboration, “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” featuring Luke Combs is, meanwhile, in the Top 15 and climbing. Both songs are on Rodgers’ In It for the Money EP, which dropped in April 2021 via Columbia Nashville/River House Artists.

In It for the Money also includes songs like the title track, “Good Dogs,” “Rolling Rock, Rolling Stones,” “When You Think Of Mississippi,” and “Desert.”

Rodgers, who has co-written songs like Chris Lanes’ “I Don’t Know About You” and Florida Georgia Line’s “Talk You Out of It,” is keeping plenty busy this year with shows scheduled throughout the summer. In the fall, the Mississippi-native will embark on his own 27-date Cold Beer Calling My Name Tour, which begins on August 6 in Rootstown, Ohio, and ends on December 17 in Nashville, Tenn.

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