Jameson Rodgers Releases Debut Album: ‘Bet You’re From A Small Town:’ ‘It’s a Dream Come True’

“It’s a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to put out a whole album,” Rodgers says.


Madeleine O’Connell

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September 17, 2021


9:51 am

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Jameson Rodgers; Photo by Matthew Berinato

It’s a good time to be Jameson Rodgers. The rising star recently kicked off his headlining Cold Beer Calling My Name Tour, wed his longtime love Sarah Allison Turner, and today, his long-awaited debut album, Bet You’re From A Small Town, is available everywhere. His plate may be filling up, but his excitement to create new music never fades.

Rodgers has already released a few EPs, including his latest, In It For The Money, but this will be his first full-length album. Out of the 15 tracks on this project, 14 were co-written by Rodgers, and each one has been carefully crafted over the past few years. He also shared his foolproof method for deciding which songs will make the cut.

“As a songwriter that writes a ton of songs every year, its kind of hard to narrow down songs sometimes,” Rodgers told Country Now. “It really just comes down to me listening to all these songs in my truck and which ones I have on repeat and which ones I don’t. It’s pretty much as simple as that.”

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The title track of this album holds a unique meaning for the Batesville, MS native, who wrote to tell the story of his roots and the humble experiences he had growing up. 

“The reason I named it Bet You’re From A Small Town, is that song is the most personal to me on the album,” Rodgers shared. “I’ve pretty much lived every line in that song, so it seems like it fits the whole theme of the album. It has kind of a small town, almost throwback country feel to it.”

“I feel bad, I feel like everybody’s been wanting an album from me for a few years and I’ve only given them EP’s,” he added. “But hey, the time has finally come and I think everybody’s going to dig it.”

Two of his hits included in this project are “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” featuring Luke Combs, and his debut single, “Some Girls.” These songs quickly became fan favorites with “Some Girls” reaching platinum status at No. 1 and “Cold Beer Calling My Name” reaching the Top 10 as it continues to climb the charts. 

“It’s what you work for and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that I know how hard it is to write a song, to demo the song, then people on your team like it enough to record it and like it enough to make it a single, and radio like it enough to make it a No. 1 song. So many stars have to align,” he acknowledged. “I’m just so thankful that I’ve had one No. 1, and hopefully another on the way. I can’t believe I get to do this for a living, it’s crazy.”

Jameson Rodgers - Bet You're From A Small Town Cover Art
Jameson Rodgers – Bet You’re From A Small Town Cover Art

Now that the album is out, Rodgers will have the chance to test out more tracks on the road. 

“We played four or five new ones this past weekend in Mississippi, and all of them just felt so good. The crowd was wanting to sing them all by the second chorus, and it was songs they’ve never even heard before. It’s a good sign,” he said. 

Based off the excitement from his fans after hearing the song “One Day” the rest of the new music will have them singing along in no time. 

“I wrote this song on a writing retreat in the middle of [2020], like last August. It’s one of those, I woke up that morning, picked the guitar up and just started playing that exact groove to ‘One Day.’ No idea where it came from, had never played it before,” he recalled. “My buddy Will Bundy, one of the writers on it, we were just sittin’ around playing that groove and humming some melodies, and he was like, ‘I have this idea called ‘One Day.” A couple hours later, the song was done. For whatever reason, I just like writing songs about a girl breaking a guys heart. I don’t know why, it’s just what comes natural to me in the writing room most of the time.”

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“’One Day’ is one of my if not my favorite song on the album, and we played it for the first time this weekend. There’s something about that song that makes me feel something every time I play it. Especially with the band for the first time, it gave me all the right feels.”

The beginning of 2021 was also full of accomplishments for Rodgers. He released his EP, In It For The Money, and was nominated for several awards including Best New Country Artist at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards, Rising Artist-Writer of the Year at the 2021 AIMP-Nashville Awards, and Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the 2021 MusicRow Awards.

Rodgers will have to hold off on any honeymoon plans for a bit longer, as he continue with his Cold Beer Calling My Name Tour into December, wrapping up with a show at Nashville’s Exit/In.

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